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    i made a mining drill and whenever i have it in my hand it makes the drilling noise even if im not drilling anything i upgraded it to a diamond drill same thing could this be a compatiblity problem? i have alot of mods installed but this is the only thing i've encountered before

    Welcome to the world, to implement an idea in a project run by a community you need to either convince a) the leader of the community or b) a large part of the community. This usually requires good communication. I kind of understand what you're getting at and would like to see more elaboration.

    i rewrote it

    nice idea, try rewording your long sentence into a proper paragraph, it will be considered more.

    even as you say that its not very easy for me to see in sentences i see in move fingers make words if it means it wont be added because of my poor grammar then i guess thats how its gonna be :(

    My suggestion:
    a small box filled with markers that you can place on walls about 10 or so per little box each would control 10 markers and you could place those on walls. I think they could pulse at a low light level (6?) so it doesn't hinder mob spawns so its not OP in any way or maybe it could even play a sound every small interval of time. I think it would need to be charged somehow but i dont have any ideas on what the recipe is because i'd probably make it super OP or super expensive /sigh.
    I suggest this because otherwise you either have to completely block off parts with cobble/torches/dirt or maybe take tons of signs with you and leave signs so you don't go back. You also said that to be able to use painters you said you'd need to edit almost every basefile for those blocks so it would be added onto the block like a torch.
    Four Colors:
    1. Green: maybe place to show a way out would pulse green.
    2. Blue: Place to show rare ores you forgot to mine.
    3. Red: Place to show that a lot of lava was left down this pathway.
    4: grayish: Empty don't go down this way.
    i think that this item would add alot of value in cave exploring thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.

    read through the known bugs and didn't see anything like this so i'm going to post this

    i used the electric jet pack till it ran out of energy then after it ran out of energy i was using dynamite to dig down to bedrock for fun and i took some damage from one of the blasts and it recharged the jet pack? i used TMI'd items if that makes any difference i don't know what to put in a picture so if you want to get a picture of a certain thing tell me and i will take a picture.

    how to reproduce this error: use a completely empty electric jet pack and stand on dynamite then set it off i guess it damages the completely depleted jet pack so it starts over

    not sure if this is the same with the fuel jet pack.