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    Edit: Sorry, the config didn't generate before for some reason, might be because I was using Magic Launcher and testing or whatnot. There's no text in there however?

    This is pretty great, but can we have a config please? It conflicts with the Twilight Forest IDs, and it would be far easier to change the IDs of a few items of your mod than all of the IDs of Twilight Forest items. For now I'd rather just not use it even though I would love to =/

    I disagree, why do you need this mod if you can just use your overpowered (debateable) flying thru ur ring. I think this is more of an alternative to ee, ee gives creative mode flying that no other mod gives. This finally fixes that.

    I concur. Plus, it isn't totally incompatible, from what I understand. It's just the fly function won't work.

    EE's fly ring does require fuel though.

    This looks pretty cool, I've always wanted a version of quantum armor with lappack and flying combined. Since flying is blocked by EE, would you consider making a version that allows jetpack-style flying instead, considering that it is not only compatible with EE, but also in-line with IC2's version of flying?

    You're right, I spoke too soon. I tested NEI again and it wasn't the problem, I can't remember the configuration I had before that led me to think it was NEI.

    You may be onto something about Robinton's 4096 BlockIDs mod. I had my doubts about it messing with item ids, since it is a block ids mod. I will do some more testing.

    Edit: It is indeed Robinton's 4096BlockIDs. *sigh* All this time...

    Yeah, LCTrees++ does indeed use a lot of the same IDs as these big mods. I quite like it, even without other biome mods it adds plenty of color and variety into various biomes just by itself. Thanks and I really appreciate you taking your time out testing this for me.

    I went with a hunch and tested having all these mods together without ChickenBone's ChickenCore and NotEnoughItems (which is a massive improvement over TMI), and it seem that the mod was the cause of a lot of problems. Not only did the array out of bound problem go away (with the same set of mods), but IC2 items are not longer 4000 - 5000 id numbers off (still 1000 off, but that's at least within 32000). I also no longer have a problem where input items I put into generators and solar panels would disappear on reload =/

    He did say in this thread that it was coded in a rush and that there would be bugs, but I did not expect the magnitude.

    If you are curious perhaps you can see if you can duplicate the problem with NEI so we can tell ChickenBone to fix it :p

    So should items not go over 32000, or 30256? I'm confused.

    I tried not using IDResolver. I used a fresh jar and deleted the config files, then I edited the block ids manually (they were the only ones that seemed to conflict, MC didn't throw up item id conflicts), but when I got into the game and checked the items with NotEnoughItems, it was still showing IC2 items with ids higher than 34000+, but when I checked the config files for those items, they were in the 29000 range :S

    I am also using Robinton's 4096 block ids mod, because that's the only way I could use BC/IC/RP and LCTrees++ altogether.

    I've tried editing item ids from 29xxx range down to 24xxx range (since in-game they're about 5000 off), but that only throws up "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 39096" when I load up the game (whereas previously I could launch the game fine). So I then tried editing them down by 10k in number (to 19xxx), and that did the trick (they showed up in game in 24xxx range).

    Here's to hoping I won't get more problems in the future.

    Thanks for your help thus far.

    Edit: just a nagging question, what other mod could be affecting the ids so that actual in-game item ids don't match config ids? Could it be redpower's auto assign?

    Oh, thank you, that is spot on. That is indeed the case, but I don't know how as I don't actually have so many items in the game that it would run up to that number, especially since most mods I have seem to use the item damage method to implement the numerous items. Items IDs seem to jump from the thousands then to 20k then to 30k. I do use ID Resolver though, and all the items from IC2 are 32000+. Is that the problem?

    All the items I have above that range are still usable and do not vanish though. It's the aforementioned IC2 blocks that seem to trigger the regeneration, and their ids are 246 and 250.

    Are you familiar with ID Resolver enough to recommend a fix?

    Edit: It seems even without IDResolver IC2 items are still in the 34000+ range, even though in the config file they're around 29xxx.


    I’m having a weird and very annoying problem where the terrains would regenerate after I’ve left the region and return. A cave I dig out would be filled when I return from mining, or a passage I dig out would be filled after I’ve died and respawn in a different region and made my way back. Sometimes I’m not even 30 – 60 blocks away. This will happen mid-game, on death, or on reloading game, basically seemingly any time.

    This has happened numerous times, at first I thought it was just a Forge glitch, but after some testing I'm starting to think it's a combination of IC2 and Forge. For a long time I couldn't figure out why this was happening, or how to duplicate it, but I finally realized that this happened whenever I've let my guard down thinking it won't happen again, and started placing IC2 machines. So I placed a generator with coal inside it, with a macerator next to it grinding stuff (this has always been the setup), and a iron furnace right beside the generator, just...because. So I place a set of those inside a cave, and also on top of the surface. Then I saved and quit the game entirely. When I returned, the cave has been completely holed up (with stones), and the two machines on the surface have vanished (but no stones), but the iron furnace was still there. So that seems pretty concrete. Here's the error log I got from the console I launched the game with. This is the 7 - 8 occurrence.

    And here's a second sampling of error log (on the 8th or 9th occurence)

    The class files are class files that Forge edits.

    FYI, the only other mods I have that affect biomes and generation are LCTrees++, BC2.x, and RP2. And this is SSP. I'm on Windows 7, using Forge version 1.41.59.

    ps. This is not a corrupted chunk problem, as I’ve generated new worlds 6 – 8 times now, and it happens everywhere I go, pretty much breaking the game, I can’t even store items in chests because they’d just get overridden.