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    So I'm trying to move stuff between two Buildcraft tanks and I'm pretty sure I've got the pipes configured correctly (they all connect to each other and the tanks) but the fluid isn't moving, what do I need to move the fluids? Do I need a pump or something?

    So would this explain why everything literally vanished from my base when I tried updating from 1.7.10/2.2.828-experimental to 1.8.9/2.3.262?

    Did not complete
    Reason: no explanation of offered features
    Further nitpick: advice is to offer to rank multiple subjects is order, not ill defined wordings, that is we should pick the order in which IC2 does these best (Progress speed, Playability and ease to use, Content, Mod compatibility) rather then assign terms like good and awesome

    I'm running RP2 as well, so what I do is raid dungeons and mineshafts for various iron products to get my first iron, this way I only loose out on 3 cooper and 4 tin need to set up a battery for my first generator
    That said, at times I have thought of making a mod with a hand cranked macerator, a special block that you destroy with a special item, every time it is destroyed a single ore in it's inventory is converted into two dust, you get the block and any other inventory contents back, the block would be made out of entirely renewable resources bar a few flint, might even make a electric motor add-on thing so you don't have to ditch it when you build a real macerator, be balanced differently then the real one but

    I have a better question: How do/Can I use super classing to achieve those things?
    And how do you set up the compilation environment, both for super classing and just using the API? I get for the API I'll need the API source files in my source tree, but if my mod needs IC2 to work I'll also need that and how do I stop two copies of the API Class files from showing up and messing things up (One copy in the IC2 jar in my mods folder, another coming from the source copies in my source tree that will end up in the minecraft.jar)