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    Thank you very much ! It's working great for me. I can run BC 3.1.5 + IC2 1.90 + RC 4.3.0 + Craftguide 1.4.4 :).

    Thanks a lot, you made my day ;)

    Edit : I may have posted too early. RailCraft is crashing the game by a nice "Saving chunk" screen each time I open my inventory or the chest where I keep RC stuff. Too bad :/ . A third of my world is based on RC ...
    Any idea to get the thing working ?


    I didn't know where to put this thread so I put it under the suggestion forum (feel free to move it wherever you want :) )

    I just wanted to thanks all of you guys, the IC² team, for all the amazing work you've done so far and the great everyday support you're providing. All this for free (not sure the donation system is very rewarding), just out of passion (I guess). You guys are offering us (well at least me) dozen hours of fun and for this I had to thank you.

    So once again : THANK YOU ! :)