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    That worked!!

    i didnt realize you had to drop them in with "Q" i was just right clicking.

    the hopper thing is strange. i tried one the first time i set it up. from the Gregtech hopper item. but ohh well. im very happy you responded promptly.

    THANK you so much. back to mining !!

    hey all im new here.

    i have been playing Greg tech 6 for a about 2.5 weeks. just been gathering materials and adding onto my existing world.

    I Have been trying for almost a week to make the crucible work, ive been searching the web for help but i haven't found anything yet.

    i needed to make dark steel ingots to make rails for my rail system. i first attempted to add Steel dust and Obsidian dust.

    I Have tried ingots of all kinds, Dusts, Crushed ore, purified ores and dusts, nuggets and the like.

    i created a Smelting Crucible (Steel) and a Dense burning box (Solid Steel). but i have tried almost all the variants of both crucible and burning box.

    i have tried creating a new world and using it in creative but it is still the same.

    another note. in my world the cauldron wont accept water. but in new worlds it will accept water. ive been playing around and got the cauldron to work in my world. but it is hit and miss.

    I really enjoy your mod Greg tech 6 it is amazingly complicated, which for my mind is a good thing, it keeps it occupied.

    here is a list of my mods

    Buildcraft 7.1.23,CodeChickencore-1.7.10-1.17.47-niverasal,Fastcraft-1.25,Forestry_1.7.10-,GalacticraftCore1.7-,Galacticraft-planets-1.7-,


    I hope i included all of the information that you requested in your Q/A section

    Thanks for taking the time to help me i appreciate it greatly.



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