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    Theoretically it could be done. I looked into something like this last time I used Millenaire and didn't see anything that would stop it other than block ID problems. I don't know if anyone has ever designed a Millenaire Civ to use blocks from another mod though.

    From my understanding of Millenaire, the only blocks the villagers actually "use" (as in, actually interact with) is chests - everything else is just blocks being removed or placed while villagers stand next to them looking busy. As I'm writing this I've become uncertain as to whether they actually "use" furnaces, though - my initial thinking was that all of their crafting was done via "transmuting" the base items once they're in the village's system, but I think I remember them waiting around for things to finish smelting.

    In any event, it would be probably pretty straightforward to let the villagers sell various Industrialcraft-type things, and place various machines and whatnot in their homes and workshops. The buildings would be downright easy, in fact; I'm pretty sure there's a very accessible tutorial to creating custom buildings for Millenaire somewhere out there. Actually properly utilizing the machines, though, not so much I think.

    Still, it would be pretty awesome to see someone make a crossover along these lines.

    Need more Info which version ?? SSP or SMP or Bukkit ?? which forge Version ??

    So I'm testing a new version before I published.... 8) 8) Major Bug of the size would be noticed immediately

    I'm having this issue as well, with SMP. Both server and client are running Forge, and MFFSV2_beta2. I am able to open the GUI and activate the MFFS machines normally in SSP, but not in SMP.

    Pretty nifty! Could use a little brushing up around the edges, but on the whole they're quite good, and I love the degree of customization you allowed for. By the way, you included a "readme" file that is completely blank, just f.y.i.

    In 1.81 SMP there is definitely an issue as what I would call routine and ideal landings are resulting in enough damage to kill people from full health while wearing nano armor.

    Just for the sake of clarity most of the landings I attempted were what I would call the lunar lander method where I came to almost a complete stop in vertical movement a short hop above the ground and then just tapped the throttle on and off to descend gently. I don't think I was moving at much of a horizontal speed but it is possible that there was a fair bit of it if that would have an impact on the landing calculations.

    You can remove horizontal speed from the equation easily by making a tube of material to test with. Fly up the centre of the tube, fly back down again, using jetpack to cut velocity before landing. The fall damage is definitely not based on movement speed, and seems to be based solely upon the highest altitude achieved since last touching the ground.

    Everything its possible, but it depends on your coding skills and how much time you want to dedicate to that project. Although i admit it could require some degree of modification of vainilla minecraft and that will only make that thing take a lot more time. (Because modifications to minecraft should be done by request to the forge mantainer)

    Like i always say, its less of a "how", and more of a "when"

    Which brings us back to "incredibly difficult." And the discussion is academic, because he's still talking about adding functionality above and beyond the concept of Q-armor+lappack+jetpack which has already been shot down by Alblaka. So even if/when you get beyond the technical hurdles, it's still too overpowered to happen.

    NBT-Tags! NBT-TAGS!

    Look at Forestry backpacks and you should understand.

    First: note "probably." I haven't used Forestry mod, but I'm reasonably certain that its backpacks don't allow you to use items that are inside the backpack while they're still inside the backpack.

    What he's talking about isn't just a wearable inventory, it's an MFSU+backpack with a teleporter inside the backpack, that the user uses by right-clicking while holding whatever item is in his hands. A wearable inventory that the user actively interacts with without actually opening the inventory. It's not a question of whether it's possible to combine a storage chest and armor; it's a question of whether it's possible to use a teleporter that's stored inside a chest (that the user is wearing).

    just implement damn lighting rod generator that will BURN every machine due 100000000 EU production and everyone will be happy. (at least before anyone will notice this, since chance for lighting to strike rod extremely slim this may take weaks or more)

    Except that this wastes a block ID to do something completely asinine.

    Yeah it was just a matter of time.

    NO, Quantum suit its the best of the best and will not receive ANY new upgrade. If you want any better go play Creative.

    This. You're already literally immortal while wearing the Q-suit, and you get super speed, super jump, and water breathing on top. Not to mention that Alblaka has said before that there will never be an "omni-chest" armor+lappack+jetpack combo piece.

    In addition to all of that, it would probably be incredibly difficult to code armor that has its own inventories, and the ability to use items from inside the armor's inventory while wearing the armor.

    add turbine component into reactor and make
    uranium-coolant-turbine chain
    and everything fine, reactor 100% realistic.

    uran heat coolant cells, coolant cells transfer steam to turbines, turbines generate EU

    Everything is already fine in the current reactor setup, where the turbine is implied to be integrated into the reactor block itself. This in fact is more realistic than having a separate turbine component, because while uranium and coolant need to be cycled in reactors, the turbine effectively doesn't need replacing.

    Bottom line, no need to add a new item to do something that we can already do without it. Reactors are already complicated enough without adding a (completely unnecessary) additional factor.

    so basically they are either overpowered or totally useless hence why we don't use anything like them in real life as a common power source.
    1. make an addon
    2. prove us all wrong
    3. ???
    4. profit

    Even if someone made a lightning rod addon that somehow actually worked and was neither completely useless nor overpowered (good luck), doesn't mean that the chances of seeing lightning rods in IC2 base mod would go up at all.

    But, just because they're useless and pointless, doesn't mean that every time someone makes a bad suggestion completely unrelated to lightning rods, it should be shot down with "oh, and don't suggest lightning rods either." That happens rather a lot and is pretty foolish.

    1. Have you ever used them:
    2. If you did,then where and why and when(start of game or when you were rolling on that world):
    3. Why you didnt used them:

    1. Yes.
    2. I use them as sell-able energy on an SMP server because they can be stacked, unlike RE-Batteries, and don't require a buy-back system for empties.
    3. In SSP, I don't use them because of accessible, rechargeable, high-volume storage like lappacks.

    The tool is just as simple as only allowing the full durability tool to be decrafted. Not that too many people use regular tools in IC2 anyway.

    Well, I was giving an example of diminishing returns on decrafting. Another example would be, breaking down a solar only yields 1 coal dust, 1 glass, the generator, and 1 circuit. (This will probably be resisted because people want near 100% of what they put in, but...)

    EDIT: Just when back and read the original GregT thread, and that makes much more sense.

    I was expecting something more than this, like i said in the post this have an easy solution that its blacklisting EVERY recipe that involves UU matter.

    Also, some recipes that ends up making more than one item (Water Gens), MUST require that both items to be placed, otherwise it will simply ignore it.

    Okay, I see what you're saying now. Yeah, it seems like it would be straightforward enough to avoid exploitation by simply disallowing some recipes (UU matter) and nerfing returns on others (pickaxe gives you, say, 1 stick and 1 ingot so you don't have infinite uses from 1 pick). Simple enough.

    blueshield925: you obviously didn't read much of this post *facepalm* and i do not have commands as simple as /timeday because i'm not currently using anything like bukkit with plugins because it hadn't been updated recently to my knowledge. i could look into this further but even when I am AFK it would be nice to beable to burn of 3million of my energy to keep it daytime as an act of curtousy and safety on my server. also, just because MOST of you are used to single player and are like "herp derp, look i pulled a bed out of my creative back pocket and yay! daytime!", i actually played on a server, i have never played a game in singleplayer since as long as i have owned the game, so it's not "as easy as sleeping in a bed" specially when there are several people AFK even for minor amounts of time. i'm not asking for a time machine so please drop that ball immediately, i don't care to accelerate or rewind time. i just want a simple "everyone is in bed" machine

    Who's talking about Bukkit? I did read your post in its entirety, and in the example you gave, you (i.e., the admin) are online while others are AFK. Server commands to kick players and to set or advance the server time are in place on vanilla servers. To not have that functionality, you'd have to be playing with a multiplayer server specifically modified to remove them.

    I never mentioned single player, so I'm not sure where that's coming from.

    My point is, you have no excuse within the framework of vanilla MC or IC2 not to just use /time set, if your goal is to skip to morning. We don't need a new machine to accomplish a borderline cheat-ish function that can easily be accomplished through other means.

    iridium ore might be found at layers 0 to 40? and would be extremely rare. its a small suggestion but i just think its annoying that you have to get iridium using the matter.

    Definitely not. The reason you need to use UU-Matter to make iridium is that doing this prevents you from fabricating the Q-Suit until you've built a massfab, which is essentially IC2's endgame, and come up with a means of powering it. You're supposed to have to jump through all the hoops; it's supposed to be incredibly difficult to make. If you've ever worn a Q-Suit, you'd know that literally nothing you could possibly experience in it will kill you, including multiple simultaneous nukes.

    So yes, it's supposed to be annoying.