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    I've sadly just discovered that we cannot use the cropnalyzer, any attempts at placing a powered item in the top right slot fail. RE-batteries, energy crystals, and lapotron crystals were all tried. This is not a server issue necessarily either, as it seems I cannot place the battery in SSP either. I've attempted first upgrading railcraft to 4.1.4, and then removed it. Neither allowed placement of the RE-battery or crystals. Seeds bags however, could be placed.

    Our server hasn't tried using any of the IC2 agriculture features before, since they were not in 1.64 for SMP. Now that we've updated to 1.81 and have had it running for a few weeks, we decided to try, and found that placing crop blocks crashed the server. Our current list of mods and versions is: MCForge, ModLoaderMP 1.2.3v3, NotEnoughItems 1.1.3, BC 2.2.13, AdditionalPipes 2.0.1, Forestry, Railcraft 4.1.3, and RedPower 2.0pr4e.

    The error log from the server before it crashes displays the following:

    After this was seen in the log, players would lose connection, but it seems the server itself did not actually freeze completely. I was able to halt it with the stop command, and start it again with no errors. However, upon joining again, the crop block would no longer be there. We also saw this error when a player attempted to use fertilizer on a crop block, before he lost connection:

    While this isn't something we're extremely upset about, I would love to be able to resolve it so we can play around with agriculture in SMP. If there's any more information you need me to provide, I'd be happy to do so.