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    I use a repeatable pattern that keeps the vertical profile to a minimum while still using 100% of the area.
    starting with the basic petal but inset in the ground.

    then i found out you can stack the generators right next to eachother without problems

    doubling again

    now for the wiring. They come down in a slightly off pattern

    bring the wires down two meters and pick a side.
    the first three aren't hard to wire to the hub

    careful on the fourth one though.

    finally, add a switch cable at the hub for a clean 20EU/s

    this pattern can be repeated as multiple times as as you need.

    Here's a 2500EU/s array i made before i realized i could set the generators adjacent to each other.

    Oh that's cool I like that I can just stick it to the generator. Does it wait until the generator is done before extracting more lava?
    Is it still supposed to dump into the chest if there is not a Geothermal generator next to it? I have the same problem but I'm using solar panels to run the miner. I can see the lava getting removed from the pool, but the buckets don't change