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    Im having a bit of a problem trying to install this mod on my server which currently already has tekkit and is running 1.1. The mod appears to not even attempt to load if I leave the mod as it is, when i took a look inside the sip and compared it to my other mods, i noticed that it is the only mod with a class file directly in the zip. I also noticed that it was the only mod that doesn't have a net folder, so when I went ahead and made a net/minecraft/server folder inside the zip and move the class file into it. When I start it up now, I get a huge amount of errors, the most notable being the following:

    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:net/minecraft/server/mod_ModularForceFieldSystem (wrong name: mod_ModularForceFieldSystem)

    A bunch of other errors also come up and talk about modloader, does anybody know what might be causing this?