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    Hi greg,

    Is the idea behind your electrical systems that you use a battery buffer behind each machine analogue to the way you use single boilers and burning boxes for every machine in early game ? I have a couple of electrical setups where I try to power multiple machines using one buffer. In the setup with 4 magnetic separators I use 5 batteries which in terms of power usages should be sufficient (4 * 128/t + 10 loss/t). In my electrolyzer setup I use 4 batteries which is way more than they supposedly would require (They process gray vitriol so it comes out to 3*84EU/t). Is there some monkey buisness with wasting packages by filling the first machine internal energy storage or something like this? When I provide work to the machines only 2 of the 3 electrolyzers run simultaneously and only 3 out of the 4 magnetic separators run simultaneously.

    Hi greg,

    I was looking through your chlorides to determine how many electrolyzer stations I need. I found it odd that Ferric Chloride, Tritanium Hexachloride, Duranium Hexachloride and Lithium Chloride can be processed in their dust form but the remaining chlorides have to be processed in their molten form thus requiring separate electrolyzers for automation (there's no way to input a certain amount of liquid into a machine so you will most likely have leftovers in the machine blocking further processing) Is this intentional or are you planning on adding dust form Magnesium, Calcium, Ferrous, Manganese, Stannic - Chloride processing ?

    (Also thanks for advice on transformers it was a voltage problem which i fixed with an EV buffer and a selector cover)

    Well it all comes down to how many packs the transformer can store because even if they were all synchronized they'd output 4 packs of HV at once and that should only result in 1 EV package and that wouldn't even be a problem I just don't understand how the transformer can possibly send 12 packs of EV at one time how does that make sense

    Hi Greg,

    Can you explain the internal logic of your transformers a little bit? I have a setup with 9 x 4 solar panels which connected immediately to ULV - LV which connects to 4 LV - MV -> 4 MV - HV transformers ( beneath each 3x3 set of solar panels). They then culminate in a HV - EV transformer at the center. See attachment. The power runs through a 12x aluminium cable from the HV - EV to a transformer at the other end from EV -> HV and so forth. My question is how can a setup which delivers at most 288 EU/t burn a 12x Aluminium Cable (12 amperes 2056Volt) ? Does the transformer store multiple (EV) packages and send them in spikes exceding 12 packages/tick ?

    Hey greg

    After having spent some way too many hours of mining and looking for your dungeons (found 6 so far) I was wondering If there's any lists where you can see the worldgen conditions for specific ore veins. I noticed that Tetrahedrite spawns in limestone, Olivine seems to spawn in black granite?, Chalcopyrite definitely spawns in marble, Pyrope spawns in Green shits etc, I found 1 sparse sheldonite vein in black granite too... I can't seem to find any of these conditions in your config files and you don't list them in your changelog AFAIK.