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    Rotten Flesh? Fertilizer should be doable already.

    Ah, yes, although, I think, it requires the same element (KNO3 or NaNO3) that is used to make Nitric Acid, which is somewhat rare (the only source of it that I found is a Soulsand)

    The Gates are single Tick things, the Repeaters have 2 Ticks. There is a delay that the Redstone just cant keep otherwise.

    The thing is - it works flawlessly on a single player, I've found this problem only while playing on a dedicated server.

    That won't work because the iron will come out as soon as it melts before it becomes steel.

    Oh, right, sorry...

    On a not-so-related note - I wonder if dumping moderate amounts of Glycerol in a water would be safe for the environment in real life? I'm asking because as an added challenge I've tried to built a sorta-realistic sewer system to dispose of liquids, which "dumps" its contents in a nearby dirty river.

    PS: Soo... I've just learned that Barrels and Drums don't actually require compact pumps to output their contents...

    *After spending 7 minutes screaming in a pillow, grabs a crowbar for those 20+ pumps...*

    Not a crucible! Must automate steel! Unless... has someone come up with a way to automate steel production in a crucible?

    I've been using a very lazy solution for a rather long time - basically put 10 carbon in a crucible, and then put 500 iron in the hopper above crucible. And then just point myself at the single mold and put something heavy on the right mouse button :).

    Even though now I have a somewhat universal auto-smelter, sometimes it takes wrong amounts of materials, and I still don't know exactly why. The funniest part is that I have to use an Excel document to calculate the values for hoppers and thermo-sensors

    I wonder if we could ever do something with Rotten Flesh instead of eating it? Like, turn it into biomass or methane? :)

    Also, is there a way to repair broken things, like BIC when it runs out? Or should I just throw them into Shredder?

    I've also noticed a strange behavior when combining ProjectRed's Gates with GT wires, while playing on a dedicated server.

    For example, if I have:

    PR Timer -> GT Red Alloy Wire -> Mold

    When PR Timer activates the Wire for 1 tick, the signal does not appear to reach the Mold for most of the time - sometimes it takes like 10 signals for the Mold to activate. I've had to put a repeater between Timer and the Wire to fix this.

    Just in case - yes, at the moment of the signal the Mold can accept the material from the adjascent Crucible, and is configured to do so on redstone signal.

    And one more thing as a suggestion - since we can configure the sides of Item pipes with a Monkey Wrench, would it be possible to show the current mode of each side, like, with an arrow engraved on the side of that pipe, or maybe on the overlay?

    1) That is weird, it should always work with both. UNLESS its a Forestry Squeezer Recipe which GT6 copies only to the GT6 Squeezer but not the Juicer.

    2) Try putting Iron Ingots in a 3x3 on the Crafting Grid like their Tooltip tells you? I had to kill the NEI Crafting Recipes because of massive Lag Reasons.

    3) The Efficiency Percentage is only for Info purposes and never "applied" anywhere. You have Input and Output and those scale linearly. For example, the "proper" Steam to EU ratio is 2:1, but you obviously see a 3:1 Ratio from the Input/Output, that makes 66% Power Efficiency, or 33% of Power wasted.

    1) Yep, it is exactly that.

    2) Oh... I've seen that line of tooltip so many times that I stopped paying any attention to it... Thanks!

    3) Ah, I see... Thank you for clarification!

    Hey, Greg. I've just been looking through recipes, noticed two oddities.

    1) Barley seeds (from Natura mod) are accepted by Squeezer, but not Juicer.

    2) It seems that it is very difficult to make a vanilla Anvil. It requires Iron blocks, but basins outputs "Blocks of solid Iron", which do not work for the crafting. According to NEI, there are only two other ways to make an Iron block:

    a) IC2 Compressor (requires electricity), GT Compressor does not have that recipe;

    b) Boxinator (which also requires electricity).

    And there's also one question that bugged me for a long time - I can't understand at which point Steam Turbine/Engine efficiency is applied.

    For example, let's take a standard Steam Engine (Bronze):

    Efficiency: 66.66%

    Energy IN: 24-96 Steam/t

    Energy OUT: 8-32 KU/t

    If I understand correctly, if I'm supplying it with exactly half of its input capacity: 60 Steam/t, it should output exactly half of its output capability: 20 KU/t.

    Since a Turbine/Engine is not a machine, I doubt that efficiency influences the total amount of energy required to process a recipe. So... What does that efficiency parameter mean?

    Hey, everyone!

    Can someone please help me with my problem when I try to supply my Advanced Crafting Table (ACT) with water?

    I have a really long pipe (Rubber Normal Fluid) that supplies my base with normal water. It is functioning, all my machines can get all the water they can hold.

    My ACT is made from cobalt and has five Wooden Buckets (Lead) placed in upper slots.

    I've tried two ways to supply that ACT with water:

    1) I've connected my pipe directly to ACT, placing one Huge Rubber Fluid Pipe (Bandwidth: 1200 L/t) directly attached to ACT. I tried connecting to the bottom and to the side of ACT, but it didn't work.

    2) I placed a standard Wooden Barrel directly adjacent to the ACT, and connected my pipe to the barrel. It gets filled with Water almost instantly, but the buckets in ACT are still remaining empty.

    So it's just bad luck so far? OK. I only sheared the wild one I found that didn't already have a resin hole, and I chopped down another one or two that didn't and got no sapplings.

    There are branch-cutters that greatly increase the chance of getting drop from leaves. You can get 10+ saplings from one tree with them

    Thanks for answering my questions, Greg!

    I have a few more:

    1) Is there a way to optimally combine Tiny Purified and Centrifuged Ores into normal ones apart from having hundreds of item barrels for each task?

    2) Is there some way to automate crop harvesting and wood chopping just with GregTech?

    3) I finally started to slowly crawl towards Electric age (I've been playing for like a year), and, well... What is the difference between different tiers of circuit plates?

    4) Maybe a bug - if I jam a regular metal plate on the steam turbine's bottom output, then put a barrel right under that turbine, the barrel will still get filled with distilled water.

    A couple of random questions.

    1) Is there a way to separate the output of two different liquids without using the aluminum? For example, the distillation of biomass outputs both distilled water and ethanol, both to the same output. The only thing I can think of is to connect output pipe to the big storage that already contains one of those liquids, but maybe there's a better way?

    2) What are the loses when washing crushed ores in the cauldron compared to sluice? The first one does not show up in NEI...

    3) Is Shredder intended to be a rather late machine compared to crusher and sluice? It needs either sifting tons of diamond ore (to get high tier gems) or electrolyzer (since a T2+ buzzsaw requires aluminum).

    I have also found a few holes in the bedrock, the probable cause may be the nearby cave with lots of dirty water in it. Not sure if Gregtech has anything to do with it though... Unfortunately, I couldn't test it with as little mods as possible, since for some reason MC keeps crashing after generating the world.

    Seed: 1748557562

    World Type: BiomesOPlenty

    XYZ: Near -575; 2; 209…11-14%2019-51-30.png?dl=0

    And it turns out that hunger damages armor 0_o.

    Happy to help ;) Maybe they don't like hematite because they don't put a hopper on a crucible, or don't construct autoshutoff.

    Well, as much as I loved Hematite in Dwarf Fortress, in Gregtech I tried to avoid it simply because it doesn't group too good. With 12 limonite and 3 dark ashes (which is almost full crucible) I can produce 3 iron, while with hematite I had to put like 9 units in a crucible and get just 2 Iron. And, since it requires three ingredients instead of two, it's harder to automate... well, I still didn't make a reliable automation for any type of an alloy...

    Actually, right now the main source of Iron for me is Pyrite in Roaster (which I placed in Nether just so I don't contaminate the atmosphere of the normal world... :D )

    Is there a good way in GregTech to get rid of loads of excess Water (from Sugar + Sulfuric Acid) and Distilled Water (from Dryer)? I always have to be careful when using Sluice because of how it clogs my system... Maybe there is a way to dump that water back into river?

    I know about garbage pipe (or something like that), but it seems to be more like an admin tool, not meant for normal gameplay.

    By the way, I love how GregTech made vanilla maps so much more useful :D

    When it comes to the fluid pipes there's not any routing going on, fluids just move through the pipe to wherever there is space for them. That also means they don't strictly flow from producer to consumer - they can "slosh" back and forth throughout your pipes, so the amount of steam your turbines / engines are getting can fluctuate from tick to tick.


    Wow, your whole explanation was very useful, thank you!

    By the way, does engine productivity scale proportionally to the flow of steam?

    As in (I don't remember exact values), let's say that we have a turbine that outputs 8-24 RU/t and accepts 24-72 Steam/t. If at one point it receives 60 Steam, will it output

    (24 / 72 * 60) = 20 RU?

    And also, will the connected machine increase its speed if I give it a bit more energy (same tier, not maximum, just a bit more than is needed for a recipe)?

    Hm, I've just discovered that if you have a bath full of creosote, and you put a wooden fluid pipe with a cover attached in it, then mix it up... You'll get a treated pipe, with no cover.

    I also am a bit confused with steam behavior. Is it viable to connect several machines and several boilers with one pipe, or this will lead to imbalanced usage of the steam?

    For example, I have a steel engine (64 Steam/t) and bronze turbine (48 Steam/t). Can I supply them both with one strong invar boiler (128 Steam/t)? Or both steam consumers will get 64 Steam/t?

    Hm, I have a question about Sluice. In a tooltip it says "Items OUT: Bottom, Right; Liquids OUT: Bottom, Right". However, I could not set the right side to output liquids, and bottom side to output items. Maybe there is a way to rotate a machine 90 degrees clockwise? :D

    Also I've found that Oak planks seem to be doing quite less than others - I can't even craft a crafting table with them, while, for example, spruce planks work just fine.

    My GregTech version: 6.07.10

    Good day everyone.

    First of all, Greg, your mod is beyond awesome, thank you!

    I have a few questions:

    1) Can the standard burning box be shielded from burning flammable blocks around it?

    2) Should recipes "paper from sugar canes" and "bread from cooking flour in the furnace" be available in current version of Gregtech, or it's the work of one of the other mods I have installed?

    3) Do flowers indicate an ore deposit directly below them, or is that just a rough estimate? Because I found three batches of purple flowers (copper deposits), but only one of them had copper under them, while I only found Hematite under others.

    4) Does the coke oven have an active creosote output, or do I need a pump to extract creosote from it?