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    In-Game Name: Carb8nIsHere
    Age: 16
    Experience with Minecraft: I've played for about a year now, I'm pretty decent with industrialcraft, and the basics of buildcraft pipes and very little with redpower.
    Previous Bans? (List reasons): None
    Why do you want to be whitelisted? Im looking for a fun community to play industrialcraft with, as its easily my favorite mod.


    In-Game Name:2big2fail87


    Experience with Minecraft: been with the game since what was it, 1.5? ages, basically

    Previous Bans? (List reasons):no. none what so ever

    Why do you want to be whitelisted?ive been playing ic2 and all the attaching bells and whistles for ages. enjoyed smp in vanilla mc. thought i might do the same for ic2
    looking forward to joining the server


    In-Game Name: Walmart_Employee

    Age: 20

    Experience with Minecraft: I can only build cobble boxes, But i can build a beast of a factory.

    Previous Bans? (List reasons): None

    Why do you want to be whitelisted? I'm currently a mod on another server but there are some limitations placed on how large of a factory i can build there. Hoping it would be different here



    In-Game Name: Redrick09
    Age: 21
    Experience with Minecraft: I've played since alpha, I tend to mess with redstone, pistons, and build underground.
    Previous Bans? (List reasons): None
    Why do you want to be whitelisted? I'd heard of industrialcraft and the various interesting stuff you can do on it, and this server seems like my playstyle. I'd like to give industrialcraft a try, as I'm getting bored of the more vanilla servers, playing the same thing for months and months can get tedious.



    Too young, sorry.


    In-Game Name: nerdy1776
    Age: 16
    Experience with Minecraft: have played it since 1.6 beta, have extensive experience with industrial craft 2 and buildcraft (complete understanding of nuclear reactors), but no experience with red power
    Previous Bans? (List reasons): none
    Why do you want to be whitelisted? I am looking for a smaller casual server, want to have fun, really enjoy industrialcraft compared to minecraft only. Also i want to look into redpower


    In-Game Name: Farsight
    Age: 16
    Experience with Minecraft: I've had it ever since early Alpha, before the Halloween Update. I have a little experience with IndustrialCraft, but none with BuildCraft or RedPower.
    Previous Bans? (List reasons): No previous bans that I know about.
    Why do you want to be whitelisted? I want to play on a good modded server, since they are few and far between. This server seems to be very good.


    NOTE: SERVER IP ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! Check bottom of post for new address

    Server IP: Listed at the bottom; so read the post, all of it.

    A terse summation:

    Welcome to Better Than Legos! We are a budding and mature community of Build/IndustrialCraftenthusiasts. Better than Legos runs 24/7 (except for the periodic restarts to mitigate lag).

    Aside from the required client-side modifications to play, BTL is a very lightweight server. We see no point in using more than the bare essentials in terms of plugins. We have enough to roll-back griefing, for players to set their homes, for those especially concerned about theft and griefing to own a town, and for Admins to keep the flow of events towards a more favorable wavelength.

    We expect our staff to remain friendly, or at least civil; and as such, we expect our players to as well. That is why we aim for a white-listed community, with certain age and maturity requirements to join. Read on for the community rules and guidelines.

    Plugins and Modifications:

    We are running BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft2, and RedPower as our main client-side modification package.

    Player commands:

    - /sethome | Sets your home to where you are standing

    - /home | Returns you to your home

    /spawn | Returns you to the main server spawn

    - /towny | Displays a help page for the Towny land management plugin

    - /money | Views your current Iconomy balance.

    - And more. Type /help in-game to see a full list.

    Rules (not for dispute):

    1) About Griefing:

    Griefing is a bit of a gray-area here. We allow raiding of non-town areas. This means you are allowed to break blocks to access chests. This does not mean you can level an entire building --- you should only be breaking blocks that are likely to conceal chests. The catch is: you must replace all blocks broken before leaving. If you don't think you can successfully raid someone and replace the blocks, then don't raid. If the owner of a base kills you during a raid, and you are no longer able to get back and repair the base, an admin will expect the owner to repair the minor damages. If the damage is extensive (read above), then the raider will be punished, and a member of staff will roll-back changes to the base to repair it.

    2) PvP Guidelines:

    PvP and competitive play are encouraged here. However, there are certain stipulations involved with this.

    Spawn killing and spawn camping (waiting for a player to leave spawn) is strictly prohibited. Please move at least 300 blocks from spawn before engaging in PvP.

    Furthermore, pointlessly killing other players, when you have no real gain from it (ex: fully armored player killing a new player), is frowned upon. If this is done in excess, punishment will be the end result. Use your head --- if killing someone doesn't benefit you, don't do it.

    3) Language:

    We're all adults (or close to it) here, so an occasional curse is fine. What is not fine, however, is a long string of profanity. Keep swearing to a minimum.
    Furthermore, any sexist or racist remarks, even in a joking context, will result in punishment of the message sender; we do not tolerate that sort of thing here.

    4) Player Structures:

    We expect all player-built structures to look decent. Not everyone is an artist, but we believe that everyone here is capable of more than just a dirt box. If you are starting out with minimal resources, a dirt hut is fine; just make sure to tear it down when you've established yourself.

    Also, no matter how nice (subjective) a structure looks, we don't want to see any offensive structures, such as hate symbols, or inappropriate parts of human anatomy. Common sense is all that is required to avoid this folly.

    5) Nuclear Reactors:

    Nuclear reactors need to be approved by staff before you place them. A safe reactor (Mark I), can be placed anywhere. The more meltdown-prone reactors need to be a good distance away from someone else's land. If you make it a habit to explode your reactors, we will take your ability to craft and place them. You will be able to use them again when you prove yourself capable of keeping them from decimating the earth.

    6) Client-side Modifications:

    Of course we allow them; the ones required to connect to the server. The client-side mods we don't allow are those that give you an unfair advantage such as X-Ray. Using them will get you banned, permanently.Mini-maps are allowed, as long as they don't reveal ores, bases, or player locations.

    7) Requesting a Staff Position:

    Do not ask for OP or a related position. If we want you on the team, we'll contact you; don't contact us.

    8) Inappropriate Requests to Staff:

    We will not spawn items for you, change the weather, kill another player, fix your base if you yourself damaged it, change the time of day, or heal you. Don't ask for any of these.

    Required Mods / Steps to Connection:

    We are running Minecraft version 1.2.3 while we wait for the modifications to update. To connect to our servers, you will need to install, in the order listed, the following modifications:

    1) MCNostalgia : This will roll your Minecraft client back to a previous version. You need to revert back to version 1.2.3 before playing.

    2) Modloader and ModloaderMP for 1.2.3

    3) MCForge for 1.2.3

    4) Delete the "META-INF" folder from within minecraft.jar

    5) Run Minecraft once, then close.

    6) Drop the following archives into the new "mods" folder within your .minecraft folder:

    Optional Mods:

    7) Get whitelisted (see below).

    Whitelist Application:

    Reply to this thread with the following information:

    In-Game Name:


    Experience with Minecraft:

    Previous Bans? (List reasons):

    Why do you want to be whitelisted?

    Congratulations! You're one of the few whose attention span makes them capable of making it this far!

    Server IP: