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    I am working on textures that will fit in with Misa's Realistic.
    First of all, almost everything in this pack has been copied from the vanilla pack and editted to look like their 16* counterpart.

    Sometimes updates may take a while, I've got a busy life at the moment with my internship ending and my final exams starting. So most work will be done in evening hours when i'm not playing minecraft :P
    Some things might still change, some will not, if you're not able to constantly keep f5 this page for new updates, send me a pm or something so that I could notify you.

    If you found something off in the textures, or errors. Please notify me and ill look into it.

    Support for Buildcraft and Railcraft will be added too in the near future.

    If people have seen my earlier upload, since then I have changed the luminator texture. Also I have now added the texture for dynamite. I still don't know what I am going to do with construction foam.
    Apart from that I still don't know what the yellow triangle is for or if it's still used.

    I've just started here. I replaced the ingots, dust, energy crystal, lapatron crystal and bronze tools.
    There is still a lot of work to be done here, but it is a start.

    Steps 1 to 4 may be skipped if you already got the Misa's Realistic texturepack installed
    1. Download the latest MCPatcher.
    2. Patch your minecraft for HD textures, if you haven't done this already.
    3. Download Misa's Realistic, if you haven't done this already .
    4. Put the texture pack into %appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks or for mac [username]/library/application support/minecraft/texturepacks

    5. Save the images provided above to your computer. Make sure that you keep their names. If you are not sure about the names see the original names.
    6. Go to the .minecraft folder as shown at step 4 and then the mods folder.
    7. Open the industrialcraft-2-client_vx.xx.jar with winrar/winzip/7zip. Do not unpack
    8. In the industrialcraft-2-client_vx.xx.jar go to the ic2 folder.
    9. Now drag and drop the block_0 and item_0 into the sprites folder.
    10. Do NOT delete the META-INF folder.
    11. Close the jar file and happy playing with the new textures.

    When I have made more textures that belong into the sprites folder I will compress them together in a folder and name it sprites, this will be the same for the textures for armor
    Happy playing


    Awesome! And are you using gimp or photoshop, if you are using gimp you forgot to change the interpolation to "none" when re-sizing.

    No sir, I've been using photoshop.
    Glad you like it, I am using it myself and I find it looking good :) the rubber sheets works even better then I imagined.
    If you could tell me what the yellow triangle is with the ! in it I can finish up the block_0 up. That's the only thing that's missing now.

    Currently I'm working on the items.png. Finished all the dusts and ingots.
    Got a bit of a setback with the armors though, I just dont know what I wanna make of it :P
    I'll upload the items.png soon too.
    Maybe ill open e new topic for the misa pack if you wouldn't mind that.

    This is what I've got until now.
    I'm still planning on changing the wooden scaffolding.. which I don't really like.
    I changed rubber sheets to a simple black sheet which has a very light gradient in it. same with the placed resin, which I didn't know could be done xD.
    For ITNT I used the regular TNT sprite but made it more red. Still planning on changing the luminator texture.. didn't know it was the luminator till I tested it, but now that I do it needs a change.
    I need to change the dynamite sticks, the triangle thing on the right(which I don't know what it is), the construction foam and the 2 textures above the resin tree textures(which I also don't know what it is)

    Let me know what you guys thing of this part and if you like it.
    And possible enlighten me with identifying the parts I don't know.

    See you guys around

    I have been working on the IC2 textures to make them work with misa's texturepack.
    It's going at a fairly slow pace though and i've only completed to block_0 part due to long workdays.
    Eventually I was planning to look into the BC textures too.
    Only thing is.. the way I did the block_0 is by copying textures from the vanilla pack and editting them to make them work with IC2(like making the diamond in diamond block green for uranium)
    It's a small fix but it works :)
    If someone here is interested I'll try to work more on it and post the edited things here.