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    In IC1 i have an H-H shaped minefields. There is an MFS charged by Lapotrons in the middle of construction and 4 MFE's, one per row. Four rows contains four miners with chests and an MFE, so entire field contains 16 miners. The most annoing thing was to cut cables, remove machines and assembly this construction in a new place. There were no loses in MFS/MFE count while unmounting them.

    In IC2 I expect this job to be less annoying. I have three suggestions that can help:
    1. Energy crystals in miners. Today's crystals are practically useless for energy storing (due to easily built batbox arrays), their primary use is for crafting.
    2. Stand-alone electrolyser as a portable generator.
    3. A crazy idea. Batpack installation AS A BLOCK. In this mode batpack can only discharge itself like a portable generator. Something like a real life situation where road workers installs a safety lighting chain using a standard car accumulator.