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    Just found out something else. I have two different copper cables. One set with 0 NBT tags in the tooltip and one set with 2 NBT tags in the tooltip. The recipe works with the 2 tag cables and not the 0 tag cables. Not sure where the 0 NBT cables came from, but the issue is now resolved.

    It is still viewable in JEI and I'm not using Multi-MC. Reinstalling the mod didn't work either.

    Do you know the /give command to get the item or the proper identification for it (just because its quicker than switching back and forth between creative and survival)? The tooltip in game just says ic2:cable, but that gives a regular cable, not an insulated one.
    The only thing I remember doing before it stopped working was that I accidentally broke a pump with an ejector upgrade and some redstone in it over a pool of lava, but I don't think that's what caused the bug.

    For some reason the recipe for the insulated copper cable suddenly doesn't work for me anymore and I have no idea why or how to fix it. I've tried to make it from my inventory and multiple different crafting tables. I have to resort to switching to creative mode any time I need some since I can't figure out how to work the /give command for the item correctly. Is there a fix for this so I don't need to cheat to get the item?
    I think its just an issue with the copper cable as I was able to make an insulated tin cable after copper stopped working. No idea how to reproduce it.