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    or you can just use redpower. not that this is a bad idea its just that you'll be waiting a while for the devs to implement it. so installing an extra mod would be much faster.

    RedPower has only light sensor (as far as I know). And I have never liked RedPower.
    If to make the sensor which will react to destruction of blocks, it is possible to forget about grifer without use of plugins.

    I apologize for my English. I hope you to understand me (I'm from Russia).

    I propose to create a sensor that will respond and turn on in a particular area to change. The sensor will respond like a red torch.
    For example, you can create a light sensor. When in a particular area will be light, the sensor turns on. When the light will not turn off the sensor.
    Ligt = true; no ligt = false.
    Still, you can create a sensor that will respond to the destruction of the blocks in a certain area. If the area of the sensor unit is destroyed (including you), the sensor turns on. I think it is possible to remove the griefers, if the sensor is connected to a Tesla coil.
    It is possible to create more many different sensors (Sensor of detection of monsters, Sensor of detection of players).
    Creation should be expensive that them didn't use too often.

    The mod can be created without Industrial Craft 2. But here it will approach better (it is possible to make realistic creation with use of chips).

    I have IC2 1.81 and BC 2.2.13. I downloaded the last version of the mode there (1.27). Bukkit is "craftbukkit-1.2.3-R0.3-MCPC-SNAPSHOT-48.jar". Version of the game 1.23. I transfered "" in "mods". When I run the server the error is appear.


    I apologize for mistakes. I'm Russian.