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    alright, cool. so i just need so search a lot and set waypoints to ore deposits. and dig very deep.

    does GT also add some kind of bags to carry more stuff? since it adds so many stone kinds, rocks, crushed ores, dusts, etc your inventory will fill up rather quickly when exploring. so some early game bags to expand the capacity of stuff you can carry would be sweet.

    well that is somewhat of a help, but other than small ores and the occasional ore bearing stone leading to some ore there are no giant ore viens? even these indicator flowers are confusing, i tried digging down below them without any luck.

    this cannot be the only way to get ore, through mini veins. i mean. especially the further you get in the mod.

    alright so throwing myself into this without any information on how this new one works was a bad idea.

    I can assume how some of the new Energy units and machines are supposed to work,

    Heat Unit (HU), Kinetic Unit (KU), Electric Unit (EU), Rotation Unit? (RU?), Light Unit? (LU?), Cool Unit?(CU? technically "cold" is just the absence of heat, so shouldn't it just be -HU?), ???? Unit (QU)

    but that is where it pretty much ends.

    i cannot even find ores because the ore gen doesn't appear to use the "n Mod 3" function anymore.

    is there some ingame manual for the concepts of some features/machines and units? or is it just a blind guessing game?

    welp, alternative solution. remove TE and MFR from the pack. kinda sad as i like the cheap rubber from MFR, but atleast then it runs.

    maybe my previous versions of the pack didn't had this as all mods including forge were older.

    godammit, but how can it be lag driven when the only mod i ever had this problem with in all of modding is Gregtech? even with my shitty PC and internet connection back then iwas able to play 1.7.10 packs perfectly fine.... this makes no sense.

    what lag is it even, server, or client? because it can#t be the FPS, i had larger 1.7.10 packs with multiple hundreds of mods that never had this.

    this is overall just very frustating and confusing. especially since i had an almost identical pack before i got most of my PC upgrades, and that pack ran fine.

    so after a lot of testing (a few days or something) i came to the concultion that MFR and TE cause the "ticking memory" error. having either mod installed crashes the game upon loading a world.

    if i remove gregtech this never happens, and both mods work fine.

    so there is something between gregtech and either mod that casues this error, and it has to be the exact same thing as both error logs with either mod are almost idendical. Pack + MFR Pack + TE

    thing is tho, i had older Grgetetch pack that have both TE and MFR and work fine. so this has to be fixable with just removing TE and MFR. best way would be to somehow find out what exactly causes it (maybe both mods have an internal version of CofhCore? which needs to be a specific version to run (for some reason))

    i turned down some optifine settings, it works now 400 FPS FTW!

    also just wanted you to know that Gregtech and Journeymap don't really go along. the random stones and sticks on the ground are just pure yellow dots on the map, and GT leaves are just purple on the map

    thing is, i have something you could call a High end Gaming setup, i5 7640X @4.8GHz, GTX 1080, 24GB RAM (i give MC ~8-10GB)

    and you saw the mods i have, it's like ~75 in total.

    there is no reason this should happen then

    maybe i can try to dim down the Optifine options a bit.