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    If im trying to make a LinkedList<Block> that has both vanilla and GT blocks,
    how can i get the GT block listed as a "Block" type rather than BlocksGT.Limestone which is "BlockBase" type (BlockBase extends Block but for some reason its not doing anything)

    I tried doing LinkedList.add(BlocksGT.Limestone.getBlock()); but I might be confused on the way that's supposed to be used, although it returns "Block" type so idk
    Im completely new to modding MC so any advice is helpful :)

    Crashing on this newest update D:

    Isn't that one of Reikas Mods? Doesn't it only have "Stone" of different hardnesses ?

    Yes and it's a completely cosmetic mod. Which is why I think it would be best as a config option since implementing support for them by default would be weird. I just wanna be able to have them in my world so I can dig up a whole bunch of the pretty blocks and the layers can look nice~

    EDIT: Also bear pointed out that these stones wouldnt be able to spawn any ore in them which is a trade off I'm ok with. Up to you if you think it's a feature worth adding :)

    Hey Greg i got another request.
    This one I think may be more reasonable.
    I play with Geostrata in my modpack, and I was thinking "wouldn't it be cool to be able to add the stones from this mod to the stone layers that GT spawns?"

    I think this wouldn't be too bad since biomes o' plenty limestone spawns as one of the layers and I'm sure there are others that I just haven't come across.
    So is there any way you could make it a config option or something to add "custom stone layers" so I could add these?

    Hey Greg got a feature request for you
    Understandable if you don't put it in though

    Pam's Harvestcraft Sinks and GT wooden buckets don't play nice together.
    The sink is pretty much an infinite water source though so i could see where this might be unbalanced
    Vanilla buckets work with them though so up to you if you wanna add compatibility and what not.

    I just use them to put more water into my cauldron and then wash my ores lol

    Do you have the Stone Layer Generator disabled or something?

    Also does relogging help with this Issue?

    The Ores only don't sync to the Client if they are obstructed, but something must be screwing up that check during Worldgen somehow.

    I do have it disabled
    I have them generating in big formations rather than in layers

    I prefer the look of normal stone above surface rather than seeing the GT stone
    (Although I have been wondering if this causes any issues with ores spawning. I read that some veins only spawn in those rock formations D:)
    And yes! Relogging quick-fixed the issue thank you :)

    Back again with another question!
    I seem to be getting random cases of mix veins with "unknown ore" and whatver this is:

    I have biomes o plenty and RTG which heavily change the way the world is generated and Bear told me it might be something related since he was also having some issues with these ores spawning.
    Once I mine them, the normal mix vein's ore is revealed so its not like Im just getting scammed out of an ore block, but it is really confusing when I come across them and have to mine it to find out what is in front of me.
    This happens fairly often too, but only in mix veins.
    It happens in both sand and stone variants of the ore.

    Any idea what might fix this?

    Cool thanks again for the response :)
    I figured that's how it worked I just wanted to double check.

    Also the only reason I disable that feature is because of the crazy vivid-color rock textures haha
    Not saying they're bad they just don't fit my taste
    I will be making variant textures myself so when I get them made I will post screenshots here! :D

    And then I will possibly go back to having the feature turned on :D

    I have many questions coming into this mod and trying to integrate it into my modpack (but doing so has been fun so far)!
    Hopefully it's not too big a burden to answer them all haha
    I'll most likely have more questions the deeper I dive in.


    My question: If I disable the rock layers generation feature, and disable a few of the rock types from spawning (granite, andesite, and diorite) will I be missing out on any possible ore spawns?
    I read on the wiki that theres a bunch of spawning mechanics for ores to appear in specific rock layers etc.

    But I'm wondering if I have to keep this feature enabled to see all different types of ore GT has to offer.

    Thanks again in advance :)

    i get this whenever i alt+tab during the world loading process
    But for me, it never opens on the 3rd or 4th try i just have to restart my game
    no matter how many times i try

    Any clue why this happens? Its quite annoying as loading my modpack is like a 20 minute struggle lol

    Yes they spawn, and those materials have their own use in GT. You can make GT6 metal chests, storages, and early game tools out of Bismuth for instance.

    Thank you for the info!
    I know I asked a similar question earlier in this thread but thank you for being awesome and helping out a noob like me :) haha

    EDIT: Now that i think of it I have one more question regarding bismuth actually.

    Does it spawn in mix veins or only in small ore generation?

    EDIT 2: I answered my own question by checking out the config file for world generation. Bismuth is not in any mix veins.

    If you have IC2 installed then Ironwood and Steeleaf are still obtainable even without Twilight Forest.

    I was specifically referring to the fiery tears
    Doesn't seem to be a way of getting those for me,

    I was wondering if you could look into something for me @greg…veEngineering/issues/3054
    Something (possibly something of yours but not completely sure) is messing up the texture stitching for IE models and Optifine was a "fix"
    When I removed Optifine my game refused to start

    Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

    So I'm learning a ton about this mod and I'm loving it so far!

    I am making a modpack with GregTech in there and I'm checking out all the recipes and stuff and I noticed one thing that I have a request for:

    To avoid the confusion of the players of my modpack, is there any way you could add a config setting to turn off recipes for twilight forest since I don't even have that mod installed in my pack?
    This is also the case for some other miscellaneous mods I do not have installed. The items show up as craftable but there would be no way of getting them since there are no such mods in the pack.