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    Can someone verify of they are having the same problem that the MFFS nuclear reactor containment system doesn't...well..contain? I have had my nuclear reactor explode twice, the first time I figured it didn't block the blast since it was half full with just uranium and only had half power in the generator core, but I just lost my house because my reactor blew up...I still don't know why it did but the reactor shield was up (I could see it) and it still knocked a sizable chunk out of my world. The MFFS blocks were NEI-Ed in since I can't seem to craft them either..could thy be why?
    I'm using IC2 1.81 with MFFS beta pre 3_2 (?) it's for 1.2.3..sorry, I don't know off the top of my head..

    Rawr..time to rebuild..