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    Usually I would say "why the fuck do you use that version for bugreports" but since I didnt change electric stuff (I might have fixed something in the actual release version), why the fuck do you use IC2 for EU transmission? I am very sure GT6 only accepts 1 amp at potentially max voltage when using IC2 power.

    You would always need 2 Amps of IC2 Power to get it at max input, so that might be the Issue. I recently had to make sure that GT6 Machines dont accept Power if the amount they would accept is 0 packets, so that might "block" the second Amp of IC2.

    I input more than 2 Amps into the machine to get the max input and the machine was worked properly until that test version.Also no explosion occurred, even if machine get wet in the rain or input EU more than limit.

    The reason why I use IC2 for EU transmission is my fusion reactor generating PUV1 Voltage.

    Since GT6 don't yet have machine and cable that stores and transmission it ...

    Your factory looks fantastic, although the cobblestone frame makes me wonder if GT6 needs

    an inexpensive corrugated steel siding block to fill in the walls... Did you dig out all of the

    materials yourself, or is there some creative mode work here?

    Thanks seregheru.I will be mistaken as often are using creative and cheat command, but I have been playing in survival mode since ver6.03.I dug out the mineral with QuarryPlus and RFTools Builder etc.The dug area is at least 12500000 square meters.XD

    I temporarily placed the cobblestone frame for factory division and will change it when setting up a wall. but I have no good Idea of wall and frame now....


    By the way, Greg. I have found a bug that makes machine don't work properly when I input the Upper limit EU with the Glass Fiber and MFSU etc in the electric machine.I use gregtech_test version...