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    Let me just get something straight: technic was a nameless modpack made for friends, but then, it's existence was passed on by words. More and more people wanted this modpack, and then it's expansion became uncontrollable. Me and my friend are thinking of making a modpack, but we are trying to get perms for everybody.

    My point is, technic exists because people wanted it, and the more people who use technic, the more the technic devs have to pay.

    It's a losing business really. They pay for the download bandwidth (1TB !?!?!) and it's a good amount of money, but they get only passive ad money, as they don't accept donations. They could just stop developing and shut it all down, but then crap-tons of people will explode in confusion. point is, the only reason technic is technic, is because there is demand, so really, the devs are kind to keep it up, and the real evil comes from the user-base that demands its existence. Hope this clears a few things up. :)

    my friend installed the 1.90 version on the server and we both installed the client. the blocks are craft-able and place-able, but when someone tries to open the GUI, the server crashes, but it works fine in singleplayer. what is going on? Is it a GUI conflict?

    also... it just says GUI conflict, aborting in the console

    My friend is trying to instal the latest nonbukkit server version. It doesn't load in the console, and when you try to join the server, it says that zip is not in Gzip format. can someone tell me what is going on?

    Edit: nevermind, it was a different mod that was doing that.