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    I personally think IC² lack a lot of medical thingy. morphine was just an exemple . i'm not really good with medicine , so i don't really know what can make your cell duplicate faster and that kind of thing)

    sorry for posting and useless idea, then.

    i'll try to make a better suggestion next time ;)

    instant health restore + major side effects, higher tier stimpacks have less side effects.

    like instant health 20 + weakness 20 + slow 20 + blindness 20 + mostly everything else negative

    with refine process player able to decrease side effects

    way to useless at start. i think 2 random debuff and instant health + one random buff is good.

    Well first it was supposed to be a sort of stimpack , but half of the person think it's useless. so maybe we could put a system that put some buff and one debuff

    (ex : Poison 30 sec
    Strenght III 1m30
    Swiftness III 1m30 )

    Well thank !


    morphine have nothing with health restoration...

    I agree with that , but the only thing that really help with health
    restoration IRL is time and some stuff (don't know the english word for

    The morphine is just an idea , it's not meant to work exactly like morphine.

    i understand that you might not like the regeneration buff. maybe some sort of random (like 2 or 3 ) buff and one debuff for every morphine needle ?

    thank you for the feedback ! the mistake is fixed , didn't pay attention.

    i understand what you mean , but i don't think you start with a quantum suit ? i mean , like the canned food , you don't need it when you have the quantum suit and stuff.

    the idea is supposed to be a mid-tier item , not a high tier item.

    hope you liked the idea , through.

    Hello everyone !

    this is my first post (and my first suggestion)

    my idea was to make a new machine block , some new items and a new plant.

    first , the plant. a new flower : the garden poppy.

    the garden poppy's seed are used in real life to make .... morphine !

    the garden poppy is a mid-tier plant. i don't know exactly how it's suppose to look like , google just give me a lot of different colored plant.

    the plant should be found VERY rarely in plains or could be make by breeding rose and another plant (?)

    since it's a poppy , i think it should be very weak.

    once you have the seeds you need to put them in a macerator. it will become a sort of powder (wikipedia tell me it's a sort of salt )

    the powder then need to be placed in an extractor , to be purified (i'm not really sure about it)

    then you can craft some morphine !

    the morphine is useless like this. (except for a compact storage of course) for it to work , you need to craft a needle !

    the needle is not stackable (or stackable in a fairly low number , like 2 or 4 ? ). right click with it give you the nausea effect for about 5 sec and a fast regeneration.

    i had an idea for a machine block too : the Healer !

    right click with a wrench in your hand open a really easy GUI :

    Only needle can be placed inside the healer.

    right click with everything else will trigger an animation and will instantly heal you (without the regeneration buff and the nausea debuff)

    activate it take 10 Eu (not a lot , i agree. but it only need to plant an iron stick inside you)

    note that the red and green glowing LED are showing the needle left.

    well , hope you'll like this suggestion ! (BTW , if you think something is overpowered or too expensive OR if you have another idea , tell me , i'd like to have some feedback !)