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    Try nuke on some ridicolously high value (via config) :3

    Still waiting 1.2.5 compatible release saturated of your sweat ^^
    Then i'll go IC2 university and go destroy some maps ^^
    There is a way to bypass the forge version check? maybe 1.90 works in 1.2.5 but stop cause 3.x.x forge (BC needed)
    I'm now working on blocks id of the sea of mod I installed to make a sort of order. At startup i can see i have more than 25 block id free but they are random distributed cause when I installed new mods and got id conflicts I had set random ids since I found one free.
    I know... it is a bad solution.
    Now i'm trying to setup all mods with sequential id, but some config are really good hidden with no doc about ids (like Flan base mod, I never found workbenches id config file).
    IC2 have almost all id conflicting with Powercraft so i have to change it to make mods working togheter. I use PC as a substitute of RP (logic blocks) and for killer laser block (I love it in combination with mob detector block).
    I accept advices for alternatives that are not Turret mod (add more boring mobs) or TF2 Turret (needs too maintenance) to take damn creepers away my base (ok ok fences are useful but for a large or in expansion base are not the best (I hate open/close gates everytime i move too).

    I mean a page like in Forge forum that show the "work in progress" with planned or started developement progresses and eventually timeline previsions.
    I'm waiting 1.2.5 compatible release as all but not asking when it will be released cause i know i can't.

    What is exactly the range's ray in blocks of the full nuclear reactor's explosion? And the one of previous versions (1-5 reaction chambers)?

    I have not a deep knowledge of IC2 machines, i long played with EE and i merged it in the circuit. Try the circuit, it is potentially an unlimited power source in a small space. I'll expand my experience about IC2 when 1.2.5 compatible release will be released. I don't understand why you talk so bad about EE... it can expand the experience like Forestry. With Forestry electric engines I totally abandoned BC engines, they are powerfull almost like combustion engines and are totally not dangerous cause not overheat. The powering is easier too and whit a circuit like mine you can power up a quarry at full speed or a pump since oceans dry.

    This is an unlimited coal fueled generator.

    mods needed:

    Buildcraft, Industrialcraft 2, Forestry, Equivalent Exchange 2

    First of all use an Energy Condenser (EE2) powered by a Collector MK3 (EE2) to produce coal (Glowstone Block is needed because the Collector is light-powered)

    Use a Wood Transport Pipe (BC) and Cobblestone Pipes (BC) to
    transport the coal to the Generator (IC2) and an Electric Engine
    (Forestry) powered by the Generator itself to activate Wood Transport
    Pipe. The input pipe must be connected from the bottom of the Generator
    to be put in the combustion slot.

    Use an Obsidian Transport Pipe 1 block below the inlet pipe
    surrounded by walls to recover the overflowed coal from Generator (when
    the Generator is full the coal will fall from the bottom). Connect Stone
    Transport Pipes (BC) to the Obsidian Transport Pipe to take back the
    coal to the Energy Collector.

    Connect a LV-Transformer (IC2) to the Generator by wires (3 circles
    side) and a MFE (IC2) to the LV-Transformer to store energy, then
    connect the MFE output to power up to 5 Electrical Engines at full
    power (6th starts but at half speed).

    It is enough to power endlessly anything needs up to 4 engines to
    work (the 5th is used to extract the coal from the Energy collector by
    the Wood Transport Pipe)

    Using an Energy Collector at MK3 level produce enough coal to fuel 3
    Genertators (maybe 4). To add more Generators to the circuit simply put
    them at the side of 1st one and connect the main input pipe nearest
    possible to the center one


    - – -



    - & | = Pipes (dots for spacing purposes)

    to connect the Obsidian Transport Pipe alternate Stone and
    Cobblestone Transport Pipes (can’t be connected togheter) and an Iron
    Transport Pipe (BC) as link node




    O=Obsidian T.P.

    C=Cobblestone T.P.

    S=Stone T.P.

    H=Iron T.P.
    P.S. put the 1st one piece of coal manually inside the generator to start the process or connect a solar panel at the generator line to supply initial power. Using a light sensor (one like the Risugami mod one) to give the needed redstone signal to start engines make this circuit a night supply power for solar-only energy centrals.

    It is how to merge 4 mods togheter making something usefull. It is compact too (7x3x4 blocks)

    Actually i made all with MC1.2.3 because not all mods are actually ready for 1.2.5. (now only IC2 is missed)

    Sometime you can get “Saving chunks” error. It is caused by the
    Energy Condenser. You need to switch off the Wood T.P. Engine and remove
    the Energy Condenser, the engine and 1st block of connected pipes. Then
    rebuild all and restart it. I think sometime the coal be “stuck” in a
    connection pipe, but it is a rare situation. Stopping the engine prevent
    the crash (usually you have enough time to do that, the crash appear
    after the fist engine’s revolution).

    (Lobo The Main Man* skin by me:

    *Lobo The Main Man is a TM of DC Comics