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    What you just described in a few hundred words is exactly what the electrolyzer does. That's what electrolysis of water for hydrogen fuel is. What you want, or apparently have spend three weeks building, mijnboogje, is a remake of the already-implemented Electrolyzer so that it runs a surplus, not a deficit.

    I don't think you have a prayer of getting it into the core.

    As off-putting as her/his presentation can often be, RawCode has identified the worst of the pages I saw. Many are better, mind you. The Terraformer Blueprints page, for instance, manages to be both entertainingly flavorful and meaningfully informative. It could do with some information on how large an area each blueprint affects and what the EU costs are like, if they differ from setting to setting, but at least I know what to expect when I hook it up. The Advanced Circuit page indicates what recipes it's used in, and that is exactly what I want to know when I navigate to it. What's more, I like the advertising sloganeering presentation. I've considered signing up just to localize it, as a native English speaker, because it's really a nice touch. But reading through some of those History pages put me off that idea entirely. Nothing I wrote would include the word "hayo" at any point, which apparently marks me as some sort of blasphemer, and the tendency appears to be wholesale reversion to the current standard, not integration of the strengths of new material. It looks like cliquishness, and I have no interest in straining to earn in-group status just to volunteer my editing skills.

    The pro-information response to something like the Chainsaw clarifications would have been to restore the much-beloved comedy intro, write a segue into the useful information, and let it be merged in like that. Threatening to ban a user who contributed more detailed information without visible animosity indicates, to me, that the administrators of the wiki want it to have the flaws it has and look down their noses at alternative styles. They probably don't think of them as flaws, if they're going to aggressively perpetuate them like that, but I'm not twisting my definitions around to soothe their egos.

    I don't care about the wiki, personally, as long as I get certain minimal information out of it. That information is present, and I'm content. I don't feel any need to open threads whining and howling about the community operating the IC wiki not meeting my standards for information resources. And there are active wikis for some games I play that are intentionally filled with misinformation as a joke, so it's not even particularly awful, as community-level projects like this go. It's just not exactly Good, either, and the parts that hold it back from that level look deliberate, from the outside.

    2: Loosing EU when entering a cable? Chance of degredation of the insulation upon entering a oddball area of EU's. Just a cap in increments for the max EU/p per insulation level for me thank you. Too much micro-managing otherwise. If I got that wrong let me know. My brains not working very well atm...

    This would be almost invisible to the user. The final result would be, "Don't go over X EU per second on this cable or you'll melt your insulation off. There's a lower number, Y, where transmission is particularly inefficient, so really, you should stay below that." X and Y would both be known and stable and -far- less complicated than current EU/t(/p)(/b) efficiency tables. There is literally nothing about this idea that does not lead to a simplification for the user.


    6: No

    Dude. If that isn't changed, and everything else is, generators will basically not work anymore, because you'd see massive power degradation across distance. You need that in order to tie up loose ends in the simulation that having discontinuous time introduces. If it -is- changed, they go on working much as they do now.

    First of all, good job, you are NOT in the 99.9% that doesn't actually make sense when they post something. (I didn't even read your whole wall of text).
    Second of all, I think cables are fine the way they are. I don't think there is anything bad with making long chains of power with intervals in-between.
    Anyhow, your suggestion is well thought out, and cohesive. Awesome.

    Wow. Piercing insight. The ability to rate the cohesion and thoughtfulness of something you didn't actually read is a skill far too few develop, these days.

    Perhaps you could move your confusion out of the man's way, though, because his idea is intuitive, reasonable, simple enough--or it looks so--to implement, and a vastly superior modeling of actual electrical conduction. To be honest, the backward approach currently taken with EU transmission has me puzzling over how to use it effectively even after three months of working with it. Eventually, I give up and install Thaumcraft, every time.


    Funnyman, this is a superb modeling.

    Fenix. Baby. You make my day. This utility expansion for gold would be just the thing I want to see. The reason is short, but the build-up to the reason is big and involves a lot of mid-/high-tier IC technologry. Like so:

    Sure. You can. But that cheap wiring is also electrocuting you every time you turn it on. Be honest--have you ever actually done this? I wouldn't dream of it, especially with the efficiency penalties.

    If you make it equal as rubber insulated cable, then you can cut rubber from it. So need be separate.

    This is a good point, and would mean doubling the number of machine and battery and circuit recipes, comparable to the industrial diamonds problem. That's bad. Frankly, though, I can't think of a single scenario where the wire-strippers in this mod are genuinely necessary; they seem to be a solution in search of a problem. I'd be happy to see them go.

    I'm not sure "take it or leave it" makes any sense, here, coming from someone who isn't in a position to offer "it". But that recipe sounds fine, regardless. My point is not that insulation for copper should be easy to obtain, but that it should never be impossible [without roaming across half a continent bereft of even the most basic in bronze armors, looking for a swamp, of all things] to obtain. Something terrain-derived is subject to bad luck. Something mob-derived can be guaranteed, no matter how expensively. Except slimes. But slimes don't count.

    While it's probably not common, I have had a few worlds start with no rubber trees for miles. (I tend to use custom terrain generators, so this might be a factor; it's tangential to the point, however.) As the development history of IndustrialCraft points out, the real progress of electrical power included a decades-long stage where wool wrapping was the way to insulate wiring. It failed when wet and was flammable when dry, but technology managed to progress without killing half the population, even so. A recent world seed really brought this to the fore of my attention: tundra and taiga as far as the eye could see, and exactly one rubber tree within a 1km radius of the spawn point. It dropped no saplings. I managed to get exactly enough rubber out of it to wire up an extractor for taking advantage of other resin that never materialized. This wouldn't be such a big deal if uninsulated wire had any use whatsoever, but let's not kid ourselves: 90% of IndustrialCraft's material is entirely inaccessible without insulated copper cable, making the unreliable rubber tree a potentially crippling bottleneck for the entire mod.

    To alleviate this problem, wool insulation should be brought back, in a limited capacity. Rubber is unreliable, but sheep are eternal. Surround a copper cable with four wool blocks for an insulated copper cable, or an ingot and eight wool for two. It's less efficient than rubber, and that's part of why we don't use it anymore out here in the real world. It's not sturdy enough for the levels of current more advanced cable carry, and shouldn't serve to replace rubber there, but at least this option would let people build themselves up to a macerator without the tedious, almost cliché search for a swamp to start building in.

    Things I've realized:

    * You only need to kill spiders for string until you have a generator and a macerator.
    * There are way too many advanced machines that don't need any rubber at all except what's on Insulated Copper Cables.

    The solution to this is better laid out on FenixR's Suggestion thread here . If gold is used in more of IC's advanced machinery and requires actual rubber for that purpose, Wool-wrapped Copper Wire can be an item completely separate from Insulated Copper Cable, and used in alternative recipes for:

    * Rechargeable Batteries,

    * Batboxes,

    * Luminators, and

    * Basic Circuits.

    Thus, one item and four recipes would unyoke most basic technologies from the tree sap oppressor, at minimal cost to coding and computer resources. The MV Transformer would not get an additional recipe, as this is a high-voltage application requiring much sturdier and better-insulated cabling. Essentially, between the insulation and gold changes, you will have to track down rubber eventually, but you can at least equip yourself and start to build a home before you do.

    You still need modloader installed and modloader mp too

    So say that. You're right, and it now works, but since the whole reason IC2 1.90 is incompatible with MC 1.2.5 as released is because of Forge dropping support for--in fact, becoming incompatible with--ModloaderMP, that information is not intuitive but is absolutely critical to distributing any community-made patch. It also forms the beginning of an answer to TartarusMkII's question, which you still have not answered. What you've done is to patch the IC2 .jar file so that its calls to ModloaderMP do not trigger the incompatibilities with that tool that were introduced by Forge 3.x. It'd be even better if you explained what it is about those calls you changed, so the extent of your alterations could be predicted.

    That said, thank you for clarifying and for creating this.


    no major errors found in SSP

    No such luck, boss. I tried this with the 75, 81, and 84 builds of Forge 3.