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    i am using project red it is so fun mod to do
    so i am not gonna remove this
    but it's having problem with gregtech
    are you gonna fix this later?

    Likely cycle is in : [FMLMod:gregapi_post{GT6-MC1710}, Dummy Container (After) @804009130, FMLMod:ForgeMicroblock{}, Dummy Container (AfterAll) @626942150]
    [15:04:16] [Client thread/ERROR]: A dependency cycle was detected in the input mod set so an ordering cannot be determined
    [15:04:16] [Client thread/ERROR]: The first mod in the cycle is Dummy Container (After) @804009130
    [15:04:16] [Client thread/ERROR]: The mod cycle involves
    [15:04:16] [Client thread/ERROR]: FMLMod:gregapi_post{GT6-MC1710} : before: [], after: [gregapi, IC2, IC2NuclearControl, ForgeMicroblock, ComputerCraft, OpenComputers, Forestry, ImmersiveEngineering, UndergroundBiomes, PFAAGeologica, Thaumcraft, Railcraft, appliedenergistics2, ThermalFoundation, ThermalExpansion, chisel, TwilightForest, harvestcraft, AppleCore, enviromine, magicalcrops, BuildCraft|Transport, BuildCraft|Silicon, BuildCraft|Factory, BuildCraft|Energy, BuildCraft|Core, BuildCraft|Builders, Magneticraft, DragonAPI, ElectriCraft, ReactorCraft, RotaryCraft, GalacticraftCore, GalacticraftMars, GalacticraftPlanets, atum, ThermalExpansion|Transport, ThermalExpansion|Energy, ThermalExpansion|Factory, RedPowerCore, RedPowerBase, RedPowerMachine, RedPowerCompat, RedPowerWiring, RedPowerLogic, RedPowerLighting, RedPowerWorld, RedPowerControl]

    nvm it's the factorization mod that cause the bug

    They ARE compatible with each other. Also "regular copper plate"? You mean the one from Railcraft?

    Please tell me details instead of just leaving a small comment.

    Yup. XD

    i don't know exactly why but sometime stuff like machines and crucible can be breakable with fist

    those normally cannot be destroyed without right tools

    and i figured out when it happens the right tools break faster than before

    so basically if this bug happens you can mine machines with fists and with tool it makes faster

    ps. i found it happans to pistons too idk why did i do something wrong?

    ps2 i found that it happans after using right tools it happens to everything now
    like this : use the right tool to breaks a block and place again and hit it with fist it breaks the block as if i am using the tool

    the red diamond looking thing is nuffed right?
    i tried to make one in c2 compreser and i couldn't even put the red dusts in it
    so i checked the recipe and it says it needs 256 eu ish / tick
    the question is do i need to make high tier machine or is there another way to make it?

    and another question the energy providers(KU,RU) have effiecincy like 50% or higher
    does this mean the machine produces only 50% of the energy value in the tooltip

    i absolutlly agree with you and so there are lots of other mods to have fun with

    like civilization or millenaire mod to build your city,empire if you are into dungeon you can have fun with chocolate quest mod and such

    and there are even a mod that you can marry a npc and have child if you look for mod you will realize there are many way to get fun in minecraft

    minecraft is not all for tech stuff you know...

    It does auto eject from the sides. Maybe you put a servo on it so it's messing up the thing. Put a tank under it, set it to auto output and it should work (idk if it would auto eject directly inside a fluiduct, I'm not mixing ez mods with gt)

    anyway is t here anyway to automate sifter? nei says like it has eu input
    but i can't connect cable to it