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    I mean, what would happen if we make a cable of 100 blocks long with half of it made of glass cable and the other half with gold cable for example. Does the resistance values reset in the "cut" (when one cable connects to the next)?? If it resets in the intersection, could we have a 100 meters long cable made of copper and HV cable alternately with 0 EU lost?

    I tried to put a redstone wire in straight line to the machine, and it wasn't affected by the red torch.

    I have the suspicion that the machine confuses the heat dissipation with power dissipation. I mean, if the heat dissipation is higher than the power that feeds the machine, the lightning icon depletes faster than it is filled, so you can't power it with just 1 solar pannel. If you use only 1 solar pannel it should work, very slowly but the dissipation always drops the heat to 0%, so it won't heat even if it's working (but at least it works)

    I changed my electro furnace for an induction furnace, but I had problems starting it. I tried these things, adding each one to the input of the furnace.

    - First I tried with my 6 solar pannels. I supposed that it will take a long time but I waited. However the furnace didn't build heat or anything.

    - I added a red torch next to the furnace, hoping that the red power will start the heating proccess. It didn't work (how many torches you need to start heating the furnace??)

    - Then I started the auxiliar generator.

    After seeing that all this things couldn't start the furnace, I tried to load a RE battery and plug it in the lower slot of the furnace, and it worked. It started to build heat and it reached the 9% (the other energy sources were online meanwhile to try to get it to 100%), but then, it began to drop until it reached 0% (the last digits, 3,2,1... were falling very quickly)

    So, how much energy you need to start this furnace from 0? Do I need a nuclear plant or what?

    PS Also, the lightning icon was depleted all the time. It seems that it depletes at the same time that it loses heat. It shouldn't be that way. The power consumption must go down when the heat is getting higher, but at 0% heat, the power consumption should be fixed, that way you can operate the machine with very little energy (though you'll need a lot of time to make it work and the heat won't be higher than 0% [because the heat built is less than the heat dissipated]) It seems a bug to me.

    At least I couldn't use it. I tried to jump on it from the height of a nether portal (in the overworld) but it didn't bounce me. I supposed that it may be bugged because I was wearing rubber boots and they may interfere, but when I tried it again without the boots I was damaged but didn't bounce.

    In IC1 I used leaves from trees (cut with shears) as an emergency solution to get biofuel until I had a sugar cane farm. However, in IC2 I can't craft a plantball putting 8 leaves in circle in the crafting table. I guess I can make a labyrithn with the remaining leaves because I have too many.

    PS I think my version of IC2 is 0.9 but I'm not sure. I downloaded it from the wiki and it says 0.9, so probably, it will