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    I could, however the idea behind this project was to have the users copy a head from an existing skin so they have a their own unique colonist. I was avoiding having people use the same skin over and over with no variations. that, and im not very good at making faces. :/
    I'll look though for some suitable skins to work from.
    also, sorry for not updating this thread but im working on a skin for a entirely different game and it takes more work to make it for that game then this one :/

    reaction to readme: shit, i hit ctrl X, not ctrl V. Will fix later when i have more images to give
    other then that, Im glad tor that its not TOTAL crap. My entire goal behind this project is to give users parts to a whole and decide what that whole should be. When i finish with the armor variants there should be 168 different skins(7 basic colors, 6 headgear white/black armor, 2 genders) . Looking at that number now brings another 'Oh shit' to mind.... lol

    Moving ahead, I should ask now if I could go as far as posting a single image with all the parts. Im not fond of that, but I might make the workload for myself drop substantially by doing so.
    fixed readme. Its not much at all and highly informal. Turned out a case of not hitting ctrl S

    Apologies in advance if I appear disorganized or grammatically incorrect in this post. I have some issues with it.

    About a month and a half ago I was stalking this forum every day waiting to see what new mods, bugs, and crazy OP ideas were happening here. Eventually I came across THIS THREAD. Having always been a fan of science fiction(often said to be the science of tomorrow,) I decided to play with an idea built a little bit around those builds. I began working on a End game addition to the IC2 mod. Having no coding expertise, it was mostly writing it to paper and going over it trying to make sure that in no way it could be overpowered. Went pretty far into the idea and hope to actually post it one day(so it can be blasted like the lightning rod :whistling: ). however, one of the byproducts of this idea was actual spriteing. What started as a armor reskin ended up as a mix of NASA, Star Wars, a light amount of Halo and Pb2. Later I found that i could easily move the skin to a player. Please bare in mind that for the most part it is a case of minor alterations between the skin varieties sake. I present a total amount of 30(currently) Minecraft user skins. Feel free to use them for whatever, and if you do give credit where credit is due.
    (images later)
    The heads are left orange so as to allow users to add their own as i have with my personal set. As I have yet to find a suitable female base skin to work from, there are currently no female variants for now, so call them Unisex ;) . I hope later to make the addition of civilian skins, but that is low priority.

    oh and just if its brought up: These skins came about because of the IC2 community, thus i feel it fits being posted here.
    Also: Yes, i know they are crap. its a work in progress :)
    Edit: may god have mercy on my soul, for i have sent this forth unto hell(aka, posted)