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    As we all know, 1.6 brought horses into vanilla Minecraft. It seems rather odd that you can deck yourself out in incredibly good, sometimes over-powered armor, but your trsuty steed is left to wear crummy iron/gold/diamond armor. The only thing I haven't really been able to decide is how this armor should be obtained. Dungeon chests may be too easy (especially if you have mods installed that add more dungeons to world gen.) But crafting the Nano/Quantum horse armor seems to go against the idea of horse armor being in dungeon chests. Bronze armor, which is really just for good measure, could easily go in those chests without being OP.

    I'll leave it up to you guys to build on this idea and perhaps implement it at some point. Thanks for reading


    I'm working on a mod pack for my small private server, and I want to obtain permissions for all the mods in it, but I dont see anything regarding how permissions work with add-ons. Are IC2 add-ons seperate permissions, or identical to the criteria for IC2 itself?

    I didn't see any other decent place to put this, so I thought I'd put it here.

    I just created this IC2 Forums account, and I'm finding excessive lag, namely, my typing being so fast the forum can't keep up. I'm fairly slow at typing, so this is quite a surprise. I frequently type too quickly for the forum to keep up, and my browser does the flash-white-then-(sometimes)-crash thing (all programs on my computer do this when they crash) but it doesn't actually crash.

    I was trying to type so that it would do it to show you how it happens but it refused to do so in the examples. but it still was about 2 seconds behind me in typing and after about 15 words it's about 5 seconds behind, so I have to sit and wait for it to catch up.

    This is the first forum I've ever had this problem on, but seeing as version 1.95 of IC2 was just released, it could be over-loaded servers, but it's still incredibly annoying.

    Any thoughts or comments would be nice


    So I take it the fix is to instal IC2 alone to make the IC2.cfg, then add the other stuff and edit IC2.cfg?

    I'll try that and come back with an answer.

    Yup it worked. I havn't tried changing IDs yet, and can't until tomorrow afternoon. But I did see the same issue with the ids grouped with other config settings, and the block/item ID sections devoid of use.