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    Oh, wow, thanks, that really does reduce the load of gold 8| if we end up setting up more of these we will definitely use one of the reduced gold versions :o
    Also, your design looks kind of appetizing, might end up using that instead, it really all depends on what we feel like doing (as much as I hate to admit my friend can be inefficient on a whim at times)

    Hello everyone, my friend and I were thinking of joining this server. The first issue I had was getting the mods working Mensrea's modpack didn't work so I kind of "faked" it if you will by using the mods from it and the sdk gun mod. Now the first thing I installed were the essentials (IC2, Modloader, ModloaderMP etc.) until the server stopped prompting me to install mods, then I started to add the extras from Menrea's Modpack (rei's minimap, craftguide, quickguide, mod macros, InvTweak and wireless redstone). However when I added wireless redstone to magiclauncher it ran out of sprites.
    So now the question becomes: is it essential for me to have wireless redstone installed, and if so is there an easy way for me to do it?
    EDIT2: I suspect these issues arise because of codechickencore-client isn't recognized as a mod

    Also I'm getting errors on both optifine and forge (forge build .58 ), are these anything to worry about? minecraft runs with them, but I'm just asking.
    EDIT: okay so I fixed the errors by using forge build .59 but it says forge build .59 is not compatible with my jar

    Only the mods that Misticblade in his post above has labeled as jar installations are the only ones I have added in the actual mod section in magic launcher (where you have to click add then direct it to the mod).

    EDIT3: thanks Tumuchfkingcreep and ndelmnco for helping me, I got it to work.