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    I am getting about a hundred of these a minute with differnent numbers + tons of lag and crashing:

    [21:00:58 INFO]: Client> [21:00:58] [Client thread/ERROR]: Item entity 1334 has no item?!

    Only got latest gregtech, IC² exp 484 and recommended forge for 1.72 installed. World is completely new as well. Tried also with latest fprge for 1.7.2 - same issue. And yes, it works fine if i remove gregtech.

    Dear Mr. publicationManual,
    why don't you go hate on some other mod devs that are enforcing much mire draconian measures against any people trying to fuck with their stuff? Afaik CoverJaguar and Sengir make the game even crash/not load their mods if someone tempered with OTHER mods, mods not made by any of them. Looking at all this DRM bullshit and licensing, modpacks and god knows what going on in the modding community you should be thankful that greg is only using such "mild" measures to "protect" his work. Not only that, he almost encourages his users to screw around with his code if they want/have to. Probably he really should make his mod destroy your world if it detects tekkit, just to piss off people like you and for the lols (yes, i'm a quite sadistic person. Hmmm.... Delicious tears!).

    @the civilized people here: sorry for participating in the flamewar, but i just couldn't resist.

    Just noticed that you cannot make aluminium dust out of xycraft aluminium ore anymore. Is this something you changed greg or did soaryn remove it from the oredictionary or whatever you do to make something like that?
    But it's a shame anyways. Was a nice source of aluminium, expecially since it's almost useless otherwise...

    She has a day job which she works like 70 hours a week.

    She's free to get 1-2 other people on RP2 just as alblaka did with IC at some point. Just look what IC² became, it doesn't look like it did any bad to his project. And i don't think she would have any trouble finding some decent coders willing to work on RP.

    This is when you know you got someone very unstable in the modding community. Worst part her lackeys come chasing after us and others because they are blinded by a great mod but miss understand whats going on in the background. All they care is defend her at all costs...

    The main problem is: She can almost do whatever she wants, there is literally no alternative to redpower at the moment and i seriously doubt there will be anything anytime soon. There are a few other logic gate or wiring mods in development, but nothing for the whole frame stuff etc

    I'm kinda glad to see that Flowerchild and me (well, at least one thing we can agree upon...) are not the only people out there that think eloraam is a horrible person. A great coder, yes, but not someone i want to work with or even have to talk to for whatever reason.

    Because that's unethical?

    Oh, and also because RedPower is copyrighted, and as such, falls under copyright law. (AKA legal ground.)

    Why does if always come to that fucking copyright bullshit in EVERY thread that involves redpower in any way? Are all redpower users lawyers/record industry managers/musicians/etc? It's getting annoying. I really wish mojang would force an open source policy on any and all minecraft mod to stop that...
    Hell, if i was a better coder myself i'd probably write a mod to really screw some (not named here) people seriously over, just for the fun and the tears.
    Rant mode: Disengage. For now.

    Can confirm this one. My guess is that it's some change in the IC API since i had a very similar issue with wrenching anything else which i could fix by removing the (outdated, i guess) IC API from some mods (Universal Electricity and ICBM).

    I have a bit of an issue with my Nano-Sabre on my multiplayer server: It works fine as long as no other players are logged in but as soon as there is more than one person on the sabre won't turn on, it just flashes for a second or so and then turns automatically off again. I'm not sure if this behaviour is intended so i'm posting here instead of the bugs section. But since the wiki or forums don't state anything like this i think it might be bugged somehow.