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    I totally agree with you Nanomanz! Fear of destroying my base and wiring is the sole reason I never bother building the otherwise awesome mining laser. I know it is up to the IC development team to decide, but I strongly support such a mode. :thumbup:

    I have had these bugs on my 1.2.3 server as well, but as everything was updating I thought it would work itself out on the new update. As I created the updated 1.2.5 server today I tested for these very bugs to make sure they were gone, but they were not... So this is the issue:

    In SMP (and only SMP) right clicking with the nanosaber turns it on for a moment, then turns it back off. By holding the right mouse button it flashes on and off rapidly. Highly annoying when trying to kill stuff. But I could live with that if it was not for the other bug: Instant death with el. jetpack.
    First of all, the different modes does not change. I have tried all the different methods of changing modes I can, but nothing works. (Although in SSP changing modes is not a problem at all). When I then fly around for a bit and try to land, I take massive fall damage and die instantly. I have seen a few posts reporting the same behaviour, but so far no cure. ;(

    The only thing I can imagine is that I copied the config files from the server to my .minecraft folder to make sure they have the same block ID's, as I had some problems with this before. Is this not possible? Or something completely different? Hope someone can help me out. :)

    I am running on forge, with IC2, RP2pr5, BC, Forestry, ComputerCraft, Twilight Forest, RailCraft, NEI and other small sub-mods, but I had this problem when just running IC2, RP2 and BC.

    Any help would be appreciated. :D