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    Just as it says on the tin.

    I am in need of steel, but when I made the blast furnace and opened it up, there was a bunch of stuff that I have no clue what the purpose is. There is something about fluids, and heat, and I just don't get it.

    I replaced all my wiring with fibre cables (Cuz stacks of diamond blocks) so presumably it takes longer for energy loss or that I lose less. When does energy loss start to happen on different types of cables? And how much do you start to lose? Is there a better type of cable than fibre?

    I'm kinda confused as to what you mean with the transformer package thing. And if you place a transformer the wrong way can it explode or something?

    Something I noticed is that despite me having replaced all my wiring with fibre cable my batbox still isn't getting any energy, presumably due to distance. My solar panel can't seem to reach it either. I double checked that I placed all the cables the correct way.

    Due to the purposefully inefficient (albeit awesome) looking design of my treehouse I am in some hefty need of having my cables go over some rather long distances. I know that eventually there starts to become some energy loss. I currently have copper cables for everything, but I have the resources to make over a hundred fibre cables which I intend to do.

    I don't know how long my wire line is/will need to be but currently it is roughly 40 tiles from the generator to the batbox. Yaaaaa. I COULD make it more efficent by moving things closer, but I would need to do that also with my solar panel which is roughly half the distance to the batbox and in this can efficiency can be ugly. AND MY BASE MUST BE BEAUTIFUL! (Albiet flammable)

    I'm fairly new to Industrial Craft, so I'm kinda learning on the way. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about personally discovering that things can be explosive at times. I figure that explosions could have something to do with this somehow and I would also like to know how to prevent that disaster. I cannot afford to have my thaumaturgical laboratory explode due to the cables running under it.