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    Recently, playing on the server with friends, I came up with an interesting idea. I thought about it a little and analyzed what is available so far, to know at all if it is possible.

    What is sitting in my head, can be complicated, but in my opinion very interesting and would introduce something new.

    As the topic indicates, it's about the dam, but what about the idea itself? How it works, how to build it, etc.

    Well, I thought about how such a dam is to generate energy and what would decide how much energy is generated and thought that it would be a good idea to consider the height and width of such a dam, and the amount of water flowing through it (The amount of water would be forced by height and width.)

    Well, but what would make Tama even exist, I thought about an extended group of blocks as in the case of a nuclear reactor and I think that there would be several such blocks.


    Block A / B / C / D - Specifying the dimensions of such a dam.

    Reinforcement Block - Required block, between A / B blocks, because I assume that the C / D blocks determine the height. (The width of the dam would decide on the number of such blocks to make Dam stable at all. In turn, the height would determine the quality of the embedded material as a reinforcement, such as Steel rotor, Iron roto and Carbon rotor.)

    Connector - Something that will combine everything into one network. (They can even be cables if possible.)

    Turbines - Element that will allow dam to work. (The larger the dam, the more turbines we can connect)

    Interface - Network core, and energy output.

    Visual Example:
    I can not add this, the forum acknowledges me as a spammer. Kek

    That's probably all I wanted to throw here. I am curious if an idea will appeal to someone. I realize that it is imperfect, but maybe someone will appreciate it.