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    After playing around with this mod for a while it's really clear that there is no love in it anymore. This may be harsh, crude and misspelled post but its how I feel. I mean no ill will or insults to anyone.

    I'm not going to go over every small detail that's wrong with the mod... thats not the point to the topic. The point is to show whoever is developing it to do better. It really feels as if you don't care about this mod anymore.

    The disappointment of terraformers

    Looking at the tfbp's the mod has it's really really sad. I don't think this has even changed since the release of the mod like 5+ years ago. There are only 3 available tfbp's to change the biome types... really?

    You haven't even kept up with the minecraft updates and it's additions of biomes, forget even adding in mod support you don't have the base game finished.

    All of this just makes the feature feel terrible and unfinished. Which is sad since I enjoyed this concept and was hoping it evolved... for 5+ years now.

    (seriously though when's the last time anyone has used cultivation or flatafacation besides to see what it does before calling it useless?)

    Refusal to allow power from other mods to be used

    It is really annoying that there is just a snowflake mod that simply refuses to allow its generators to power objects from other mods. It's also really annoying that this mod doesn't allow generators from other mods to work on it's machines. These two annoyances drive so many people away from industrialcraft.

    Wanting to keep your machines blowing up or whatever is no excuse at all. Anything you do say is just a cover up to being stubborn or lazy or uninspired.

    Pump rf power into a block that then converts rf power to Ic2 power on whatever frequency. Assign currents (Lv,MV,HV) to rf power cables. Bam two fucking ideas really easily presented.

    Nothing new is being added

    Literally nothing. The most I've seen through all of these years is slight changes in how everything works. There might be one or two new items but thats really stagnated. Oh and it took some inspiration from gregtech, more grind less content, but its not that bad.