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    it massively limits the possibilities to make a machine that will work at all.

    There are bugs - yes.
    But the actual bugs do not limit you, they just make it harder - you can still do everything (except reactors on frames ).

    Also note, that my deployers and assemblers can place wires and machines ( atleast this far), so that must be caused by something you did wrong at the installation. Do remember to use the updated rp2 ( pr5b1 ) and ic2 ( 1.95b ) and forge ( i am using ).

    for industrialcraft 2 an automated ressin farmer would fix the problem or using the matter generator

    Why did you think you that it is not allowed to use the mass fabricator. You can use anything in industrial craft 2 and redpower 2. In fact the idea of the challange is to use the mass fabricator as the main source of materials.
    And note the Solar spammer challange is for IC2 solar panels only ( you can use rp2 solar panels to power the machines ).

    On a side note : it is possible to use non-stacking items in autocrafting, if you want to see how, just search around ( i.e. on buildcraft forums ).

    before adding 1 frame the construct is still able to move forward and theres nothing infront

    You have either reached 1000 blocks ( that includes frames and all block that they move with them ) or the frame you add interferes with the movement ( either touching something that cant be moved (keep in mind frames are sticky and will try to move evething they touch on any of their sides) or interefing with something else ). Just increase the linksize in the configuration file. If it moves after that, the problem was the size.
    If size is the problem you can indeed split the construction in multiple parts that move seperately by different motors if for some reason you dont want to change the linksize.

    As for the challenge, can we expect a fix for the E network interaction with frames or should we just use the existing workarounds?
    I know how to build the Solar-SPAMatron, with moving IC2 machines with the current version, but frankly the workaround to supplying the Mass Fabricator with power after moving is rediculous.