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    I'm having this same issue, reeds,rose,dandy's all drop bags
    Wheat,pumpkins don't.
    Haven't tried other crops, and I've harvested at least 50 of each Wheat and pumpkin.

    Also I can only seem to crossbreed reeds.
    reed, rose
    reed dandy
    dandy dandy
    All won't work, I've had them set up for around 10 minecraft days and nights and have fertilized them all as well.
    Sorry to highjack a bug thread but I assume its related

    I seem to have these issues in 1.95 and 1.95b as well

    Here is a bug. Newest forge,modloader,and ic. (I fresh downloaded them all)
    I have a bunch of other mods installed too.

    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: stackSize
    at ic2.common.TileEntityCrop.applyBaseSeed(
    at ic2.common.TileEntityCrop.rightclick(
    at ic2.common.BlockCrop.b(
    at aes.a(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.c(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(

    The MFE was full or atleast above 590k
    I had other machines hooked up to it as well, however they were advanced machines only on trickle charge, to keep warm.

    Ok after reading your response I did some testing it seems the advanced machines mod machines are requesting(maybe) but not using energy from the ENET when connected.
    Once I disconnected them and only had a bench hooked up it started drawing 128 and drew the correct amount when hooked to an idling induction furnace as well.

    I'll head over to that mods thread, sorry for the hassle.

    Love the mod.
    There seem to be some issues with v1.81-1.
    I have a MKIII hooked to and MFE with 36 energy storage upgrades, 14 over clockers and 1 transformer upgrade.
    Its only taking 36EU/t from the grid and charging my stuff super slow once the energy storage upgrades are depleted

    Any ideas?


    You could wire 512 solars easily with less then a stack of tin (for wire) and the transformer used in recipe.

    So they aren't completely balanced in some sense, but come on the cost of a stack of tin compared to making 512 solar panels is nothing.


    Have these addons installed

    This is the error

    This happens when ever I take damage from either mobs or falling or fire.
    Also I get a similar error if I'm only wearing the lappack and take damage only its "ic2.common.ItemArmorLappack.getProperties"

    Let me know if I've goofed on the install some where


    If you wouldn't mind putting out a version for 1.64, I'm sure the community would appreciate it.
    I know personally I would dislike having to recharge my electric wrench all the time to be able to remove machines when I'm re-planning something.

    Personally I find it inconvenient when my machines break (which is why I'm using this mod with 1.0) and I think having to recharge my wrench all the time would feel just as inconvenient.

    NOTE: I say inconvenient because I mean that, when you make a double chest full of UU a day it is not hard to replace a machine just a hassle.

    Thanks for all your hard work regardless of if you update this mod.

    wine will run alot of games but sometimes newer ones take some time to get working
    linux works fine with minecraft as it runs natively
    IC also works fine, im running a server for me an my friends and minecraft to log in on it with no problems.
    I have IC,RP2,Railcraft and a few other little ones.
    I did have a problem with the solar helmet mod but just had to rename it so that it loaded after IC.

    Also as for which linux, go with linux mint, I would stay away from Mint 12 go with 10 or 11

    also stay away from ubuntu unless you like how the mac OS feels, they have been steadily heading in that sort of direction.

    also if you plan on running a server then you might want to go with the 64bit version of whatever you pick, I find i bump against on the 32bit version.

    gl *linux rocks*

    there are other options
    im sure it would not take much user effort to surpass the offical wiki

    u will also learn, with time, that well IC2 is lots of fun and an amazing mod
    the ... lets call it "staff" leaves much to be desired, i personally find that albs, featuri (sp?) and the alex guy all talk to people and act in what i consider to be an extremely rude manner. (the other IC coders dont seem to be like this)

    as a note to these 3 people, I get that dealing with people who cant read simple instructions can be extremely annoying however other developers have this same problem and are friendly and polite (eloraam, xeno(EE mod) and cougarJ(railcraft mod) are good examples). I only say something because i find this behavior leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    for any extreme fanbois: yes yes i can leave if i dont like it or not use the mod or etc etc but thats not really the point is it....


    Would it be possible for you to add an item that I think is in the same spirit as the charging bench?

    My idea is an induction charger,
    It would only be for tools, and probably slightly expensive.
    Basically you would stand on this block and it would charge all tools and armors that you are wearing.
    I would make this only in a tier 3 version and also only have it charge the same things as the tier 3 bench. Of course such details would be up to you.

    Thank you for the work you put in to the charging benches I find them super useful.


    Here is an error I'm getting for SMP non bukkit, i have IC,RP4b,forcefields,advanced machines,charging bench all installed also.

    If you need more info let me know

    What about replacing air, if there was a radiation block
    then all air blocks around a block that is radioactive could be replaced, then you wouldn't need to do damaged calculations for all blocks in some distance every tick.
    When you are in a radiation block you take damage when non when not. Also you would have to set a trigger on blocks breaking to reduce the radiation blocks back to air, but that would only be a slight computation.

    Could also have a couple different radiation blocks that way it could be stronger or weaker radiation

    the other thread was locked so i will add this here.

    Alot of us play with Nature Overhaul, this has the instant tree felling ability.
    Of course this make the bronze axe and chainsaw worthless.

    I know you don't want any instant tree felling in IC^2 but for those of us who already play with it, there is another option.

    The Nature Overhaul Mod has an API built-in to make add compatibility with tree felling.

    All you have to do is

    Making your Items and Blocks compatible with NatureOverhaul

    Lumberjack: Make your item extend ItemAxe


    This could be a sort of compromise for those of us who want this feature, and would still allow IC^2 to remain true to your vision of it. It would hopefully have the side effect of ending threads about it (of which there are alot).

    Hi Guys
    So I loaded up TMI to play around with some reactor designs.
    This is what I came up with, If any one could help confirm my math that would be nice!

    It generates 100EU/t
    Efficiency of 3.33( maybe ?)

    I have that the uranium cells generate 176 heat/t.
    It is air cooled, so -5h/t
    -13h/t for reactor chambers and reactor
    -26h/t for coolant cells


    So this heat should be spread across the 26 coolant cells and 10 HD's meaning,

    132/36 = 3.6 heat / pulse culminated. Thus they should decrease faster then my uranium.
    This doesn't happen.

    In this thread,

    Alblaka, said he found a bug with Reactor Plating, does this also mean the same bug exists in the HD's?

    If so ignore this thread, if not am I missing something?

    Instead of having the numbers just keep flipping would it be possible to use the 16bits as an approximate number.

    My idea
    In the case of the MFS, it holds 3,000,000 lets say with have (i know its more) 30,000 positive numbers we can use.
    The client could just multiply the energy number the server sends by 100, so the server sends an update every 100 EU instead of every 1EU this way the energy displayed would atleast be accurate to withing 100 EU.
    Same Idea could be applied to the MFE using 10:1 EU ratio.

    You have an MFE with 20124 energy in it, the server tells your client you have 2012 energy, the client then multiplies this by 10, and reports in the GUI that you have 20120 energy.