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    WOW!!! Way to not explain anything about them at all. Good job. Couldn't find ANYWHERE where it says how much power they can take, so i gave my rotary macerator the same power I give my induction furnace, and it blew up. Now Im out a rotary macerator. Wonderful addon, really exceptional. Love how the modder just sends us on our way with no explanations. Surprised the IC2 peeps even allowed this mod.

    yea i think too that loading up a testing world and playing around with stuff to see how it works is too much to handle !

    whenever i approach rotary macerators my minecraft crashes.

    no id conflicts
    tested with sound enabled/disabled via config file
    removing / reinstalling java 6 and java 7
    removing / reinstalling several different versions of drivers for my gfx (used driver sweeper to deinstall every little bit of drivers)
    remving / reinstalling mc + addons (using dw20 guide and mod setup)

    no crash report it just freezes for 1-2 seconds and then crashes/goes black with a message that graphics drivers stopped responding but have been recovered.

    i pin pointed it down to rotary macerators by useing a freshly installed mc with only ic2 and this mod and then building nothing but a rotary macerator with power supplying it. after i removed it again with the help of mcedit the crashing did not happen again.

    any suggestions how to solve this problem? ^^