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    This mod uses an outdated version of thermal expansion. If you get this crash (or something similar) with this mod and thermalexpansion installled, delete the thermal expansion folder from the advanced alloys mod zip:

    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: transposerManager

    For more details, join #ThermalExpansion on

    Note for riza8:
    PM me here or even better on irc once you fixed this so i can put a notice here that this issue is fixed.

    First of all great mod and very good concept.

    a couple ideas:
    1. *maybe* make the damaging fence 3D (using a model) dunno if thats possible that easy though
    2. could you make the fences only be breakable by the player who placed them. otherwise everyone can just bypass other peoples protections.
    3. maybe allow to power the fence with EU which will then damage the players who touch it (damage depends on voltage, its same as if you touch an uninsulated wire). this will cost eu though (maybe 1 EU/t per 10 fence blocks in idle, and all the EU that you supply if touched. so lets say you connect 10 fence blocks to a batbox in idle you will loose 10 EU/t, if you touch it you will loose 32 EU/t where 31 are used to damage you where one is still for the idling.

    EDIT: Derp didn't see that there were already suggestions on the electric fence :/

    Hey together,

    I had this idea already a wile ago:
    So you all know how luminators look at the floor, wall and the ceiling, right?
    and you also know that now if you place them on a cable they always have the shape like on the floor.

    However i kinda like the wall/ceiling shape. but i hate to recharge them manually.
    So what if you (the devs) make it that if a Luminator is placed on the side/bottom of a construction Foam cable it uses the same shape as if it was placed on a wall/ceiling even though its connected to a cable. should be possible? would be really nice if it gets implemented :P

    Dunno if this design is new, but i just came up with it and i consider it pretty good:
    You can also add more colant cells/heat dispersers like this:

    The first one is a mk2-1 so it needs a cooldown after every cycle, the second is a mk2-5 so it needs a cooldown every five cycles. it outputs 100 EU/t, the effective EU/t of the first one is 73.1 and of the second one is 87.3 EU/t

    The efficiency is 1.67

    I hope this isn't known yet

    i don't think that portal gun is related to this. that wouldn't make any sense at all... also its a old version. i won't downgrade forge since i need the 4096 ids and don't want to install the regular 4096 fix. my modsetup works fine except for this issue. and there is a simple solution: don't use cf cabels. however i thought: better report this. or it'll get prolly never fixed (at least if its not my fault)

    I found that there is a bug if you have a cf cable in you myst age and relog there (not tested in overwold/nether/end). This Can also happen if you travel to that age and will cause this crash:

    It will also cause the chunks to reset.
    I use Forge 152, IC2 .97 (I think) and Mystcraft 0.8.6b

    What happened to the idea of the charging pad? is it still just an idea, is it alreay on the todo-list or did you forget about it? i would like to havethis block soon. so what do you think? i hate it to put of my q-suit all my el tools and such every time its empty. i love the idea. so please implement it soon

    I have a suggestion: Add a advanced recycler.
    the recipe should be something like 1 adv machine, 1 recycler and 7 scrap(maybe even uu matter) it should have like 3 input slots, and process 1 item per slot per cycle.
    i'm using this add-on on my server and i love it. and while upgrading my sorting room i had this idea :)