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    yes, he is. note how it's phrased, as in " make sure it's placed below ModLoader and Forge" aka: IN THE JAR.

    Well, technically speaking it's not in the .jar (by .jar I mean minecraft.jar, not industrialcraft-2-client_1.95.jar). And neither are ModLoader and Forge. The point with Magic Launcher is that the .jar is clean but it's read as if it had those mods in that particular order.

    Then again, IC2 is not supposed to be in the .jar and therefore not supposed to be read as if it was in the .jar but it seems the only way to get it loading before RocketScience. It hasn't given me any trouble so far and I believe it will stay like that. I actually tried it as a desperate measure and it seemed to have worked so hey, why not? :P

    PS: That Darth Geek and I are the same guy. I just registered.

    Any chance that you put five output slots in the macerator for the blaze rods and bones?

    Or perhaps a way that the macerator recognizes if it needs one (coal and additive macerations), two (ores) or five (blaze rods and bones) output slots?

    It would be very helpful for me.