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    Okay, first off I would like to say that I have always wanted an INDEPTH ag system in a mod for a long time. When I say INDEPTH i mean just as indepth as the potions system. Maybe its me being from a farming community but there is soooooo much possibility here.

    Secondly I will update this post as I think of things, I am not currently at home so it is not completed. This is just tier 1.

    All plants will be posted in this format


    • Tier
    • Description
    • Appearance
    • Gain
    • Attributes
    • Special Abilities
    • Notes


    • Tier: 1
    • Description: Default in game wheat
    • Appearance: Default in game wheat
    • Gain: Wheat Seeds, Wheat
    • Attributes: Default in game attributes
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: This is just the default in game wheat.


    • Tier: 1
    • Description: Default game reeds
    • Appearance: Default game reeds
    • Gain: Reeds
    • Attributes: Default game attributes
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: Default game reeds

    ((And now its time to go out to eat... i will finish organizing this at a later time))

    Pumpkins 1 Default Pumpkin Default Pumpkin Pumpkin, Seeds Default Ingame
    Mellon 1 Default Mellon Default Mellon Mellon Slices, Seeds Default Ingame
    Rose 1 Default Rose Default Rose
    (Yellow) Rose Flower, Rose Seeds Default Ingame
    Dandelion 1 Default Dandelion Default Dandelion (Yellow) Dandelion Flower, Dandelion Seeds Default Ingame
    Day Lilly 1 Blue flower Similar to the rose, blue color Day Lilly Flower, Day Lilly Seeds Day Lilly Flower can be used to make blue dye The reason for adding the blue flower is to complete the color wheel allowing easier creation of all dyes.
    Cocoa Plant 1 Shrub that has cocoa beans on it Similar to some of the random shrubs the grow in the bioms Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Plant Seed Default Cocoa
    Corn 1 Plant that grows like reeds, contains corn Green stalky substance, turns tan when fully grown. Corn Stalk, Corn Does not need to be near water. Takes 10 game days to grow Corn Stalk used to make plant balls to make bio fuel. Corn can be used to replant the plant.

    The idea of gas pockets would, for sure be unique. And actually not THAT hard to code.
    And it would provide another way to create Fuel, which will be important for upcoming features.

    Will consider it.

    That would be really cool too, like i said i didnt intend this to be a suggestion thread but just a way to gather opinions .... anymore its hard to suggest something that hasnt already been used in other mods, but gas pockets .... now if your not talking about gasoline but an actual elemental gas ... that could be interesting .... hydrogen power? hmmm what could you be planning :P

    Well I completely see what your saying and dont get me wrong by my post ... each and every one of the ores that would be added would serve a purpose. Mostly adding more dept to the game ... which i know a lot of people would not like. For example, cans are made out of tin, an overly available resource. But still has many uses, now if you added aluminum then cans would have to be made from aluminum instead. But as you said this adds a whole one use for the aluminum. But if you went through and actually had to make machines and other items out of combinations of earth metals with alloys you make, there would be more uses. For example we use a LOT of iron in IC. But machines may require steel not iron, which is an alloy. But overall i am not suggesting by any means adding this to the mod. I am actually just getting peoples opinions on it, to see how many people like the extra eye candy like i do. Truthfully i am trying to learn some basic scripting stuff and thought of an add on that would add all this stuff and just experiment with different things.

    PS: Lead would be another useful one with the current nuclear power, the reinforced glass could require a lead powder to make it, (similar to real life lead glass used in hospitals to protect from radiation from CAT scans or XRays. Also a lead armor that protects you from damage from contaminated areas or being too close to a reactor that is running ect. [/quote]

    No offence but silver ore is not part of Industrial Craft, it is part of Red Power. Yes I know that when you macerate silver you do get silver dust, but that can only happen when Red Power is installed. So the bottem line is that I don't think that Alblacka will be including silver coins in the future.

    If you read it again i also state that silver ore would need to be created, has nothing to do with red power

    Okay so before anyone says it, I know IC coins already exist. This is not my suggestion.

    First off i believe that IC coins are pretty easy to create and altho receiving them gives you valuable iron ore, I have found myself with too much iron in the past. My suggestion is to add 3 different coins that have separate values. Something like Copper, Silver, Gold. Copper is a very common ore to find, therefore a copper coin would not amount to much value. But things like bread could be sold for 5 copper or something. Silver, an ore that would need to be created, would be less common, approximately double the commoness (new word =P) of gold, and about half of copper. Silver would be found anywhere from bedrock to (16 layers above gold). Silver being more rare would be valued higher then copper (also silver would need created uses to actually give it a use when people find it. Useability = Value). Gold being the most rare of the 3 would be as it is now, found deep and not super commonly. Most valuable metal (maybe create more uses for gold too). This would add a better rp ability in SMP, obviously pretty useless in SSP. Just a thought, tell me what you think.

    Okay, so I personally love the real life element that industrial craft has added with the extra ores such as copper, tin, and uranium. But I have always wanted to see more. I personally would add 50% of the periodic table of elements if I could. I would love to be able to have iron, aluminum, tin, copper, platinum, silver, lead and some other metals added in with some of the other items from the periodic table such as silicon ect ... I would also love to see gems such as ruby, diamonds, emeralds, ect added in as well. Now i know that red power adds some of this, but to be honest, its more of a pain in the butt to use red power and industrial craft together, they both have copper and tin ores. And personally I hate managing 3 mods separately and much rather manage one mod. Now im not creating this topic to suggest anything, or try and tell people to stop adding red power. I am genuinely curious if people would like to see more different ores, elements, and gems.