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    Why not use a block placer (deployer I wanna say?) to place missiles after fired. Or maybe that new advanced color coded deployer set to put up a specific missile when you power a certain wire color. One silo, many types of missile with no additional footprint!

    I ended up using deployers for the "magazine" system. They were be kept underground and cycled up to launch position where upon deploying a missile it would automatically wire in to a targeting controller. After launch the deployers got fed into a block breaker so they could be used again.

    I get a crash and a permanent world-break every time I try to place a defense system or targeting module. Any ideas?

    Otherwise the rest of the stuff seems to work great.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I missed the part about adding class files to the IC jar. Seems to work great, except the gui for the targeting system is messed up. Still functional.