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    We do, but that only produces cells that have a 10% degredation on return. 15,000 EU in for 13,500 EU out. This idea is for a new fuel type that produces good EU, but requires some effort to run effectively. A good MV option range before the HV nuclear.

    The liquid hydrogen production unit would require at least 15 EU/t to function, so LV really isn't an option, unless you shut everything else down to power it. The output power is only around 20 EU/t so that would be basically be a full time production, so a wind turbine array or solar would be the first step. But one production unit could roughly supply 2 generators and the emptied cells would be available to be fed back to the production unit for reuse.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is seen as something of an answer to the future of vehicle fuel. We all know oil is running short and this is one way of filling the gap. The fuel works by 'burning' the liquid hydrogen and the only emission is water vapor. But the only sticking point currently is the lack of ability to produce the bulk quantities of liquid hydrogen cheaply and 'greenly' enough to satisfy the worlds' fuel demands.

    I can see a way this tech would work in IC however.... The resulting fuel cells could be burnt in a modified generator with the same sort of output as, say, a geothermal generator (~20 EU/t), but unlike Lava, the supply doesn't dry up, a reward for making the effort. 4 buckets of water are pumped into tanks and then passed into a 'liquid hydrogen processor' (They're basically a cross between a compressor and a refridgeration system, that cools and compresses the 4 buckets into an empty energy cell. One 'liquid hydrogen' cell is the result.

    This cell can then either be burnt in a 'modified' geothermal generator or passed into a new engine, that has has power somewhere between steam and combustion, but much less chance of explosion, since less heat is generated, but it will still require some cooling.

    Any thoughts on this?