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    you should be able to make a block that could be placed, and if you right-clicked on a rocket within a 1000 block radius in all directions around the block, it would bring up a GUI with a large, highly detailed map of the surrounding say, ten thousand blocks. you would click on a location, and it would target the missile to the location. no more complaints about targeting, and forget the hassle of manually having to guess where your enemies house was! it would be crafted like this:
    :Mining Laser: :Advanced Machine: :Mining Laser:
    :Advanced Machine: :Industrial Diamond: :Advanced Machine:
    :Mining Laser: :Advanced Machine: :Mining Laser:

    it would be called the N.H.M.T.S., or No Hassle Missile Targeter System. instead of targeting missiles to destroy, it would help YOU target YOUR missiles at the enemies base. where Mining Laser is put rangefinders, where Advanced Machine Block is put Map ( yeah VERY highly detailed. more than 25 pixels a chunk please :thumbup: )
    and where U.D. is put Missile Targeting System. ( the other One :D ) i will also PM this to you. and there would also be a satellite that would be crafted by putting the N.H.M.T.S. on top of a Ion Booster. it would increase your sight range by one million blocks. seriously, please put this into the add-on. again, i will PM you this message. thanks for reading,

    ~ MC_Master_yuo ~