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    Can't you enable using lapotrons in miners?

    but, that would be circumventing the point of having stuff in Industrial Craft. that's like using an aimbot in an FPS because you're too lazy to move your mouse.


    Can't quite get an inchworm drive figured out.

    make a box of frames, with a two-thick floor. have drive motors facing down and up in the bottom and top floors - or 3 thick and motors in the middle if you want it to look clean - and have a computer or fancy wiring timers to drill forwards, push the top part containing most of the hardware forward, then bring the bottom foot forward.
    and have drills or mining objects, w/e on each face which is intended to be a direction that's minable to.
    repeat sequence until you're so far away from your base you can't find your way back :p

    if you plan on having the machine be able to mine up and down, you'll need an enclosed inchworm system, rather than on the bottom, but much to the same design.


    Using a simple Setup with HV across Iron Cables. Sufficient for the first 100-200 blocks radius, afterwards I'll be moving to EV.
    Miners aren't trivially meant to run on portable energy sources.

    ah, well. i'll try doing something similar to that. though i'l probably have substations in places to make it easier to use cheaper wires for such extreme distances.

    i like all these complication mods that adds lots of machines and such you can use, but this miner is to be very mobile and compact, those three blocks works pretty well now, the geothermal provides sufficient power, and the single chest never even gets close to being full. the only problem is there is a lot of wasted energy because the feed isn't enough to run the miner steadily.

    is there any method that doesn't include something as over complicated as frames? :p frames are cool but, meh. all that crap isn't exactly portable. and if i were to use frames, the system would need to be massive due to i don't need 15719386395 cobblestone, i want/need the semi-rare and rare resources underground. so it would need to cover a lot of area, and... heh.
    the grid system that the miner is being moved on is also underground, and building frames underground.... oof.

    anyways, yeah, i imagine there is a way to setup the power system to be something portable, but also can supply the miner properly.

    i saw that, and i'm tempted to get it, but i meant for what's already built into IC², there must uh, be some way that's intended for people to run a miner with reasonable efficiency further than the same chunk as your main power array. (in assuming you don't have a couple septillion diamonds to use up on placing wires all over the place on the map and using world anchors everywhere.)

    also, using a charging table, a MV and LV transformer, then a miner, is uh, not exactly compact. that's a lot of blocks, plus the items to carry, which IIRC, don't stack.


    Also this Quesion should be moved to the Industrial-Engineering-Section.

    hm, this seemed like an appropriate section.

    the problem seems to be, that, i've found the miner uses more power than any portable-ish type of generation can supply, basically the full 32EU that it's LV system can run on, but feeding that kind of power at some distances is pretty difficult, and making something portable can be complicated to try and get it to run smoothly.
    the best thing i've found so far is using a geothermal next to the miner, and it runs pretty inefficiently, but it gets the job done, eventually. miner setup.

    if there's a better way to have a potable miner, i'd appreciate finding out what that may be. ideally something i can place down a few blocks with, plug in the drill and scanner, and let it do it's thing while i do something else.

    also, collecting lava cells can be a pain sometimes, when i accidentally fall in every once in a while ;)