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    Wait is there a faster combo?

    the only predictable part is the tier system
    ex: two tier ones cannot make a tier 4, but only up to a tier 3
    unless it has stuff about DNA coded in the mod and how each plant that look like a certain type has to pick up a certain gene, then tiers are the only predictable part

    Which plants did you crossbreed?

    its randomish, the predictable part is: the tier
    you need 2 tier 2s or over, it works like this

    Each plant basically works like its tier + 0.5
    2 tier 2s are: 2 + 0.5 + 2 + 0.5
    so 2 reeds work at a chance of getting hops, no higher
    if you were to crossbreed 2 tier 4s, you would be able to get everything as long as you have the correct conditions
    but 2 reeds still have the chance at hops, i just suggest a tier 3+ with a reed to increase what you CAN get

    Tier 7 isn't hard to get. Aurelium is tier 12? something like that. Ferru is 7 or 8.

    1.aurelia is tier 8, ferru is tier 6. so to get it it would be as hard as coffee.
    it would be funny if you left it long enough, an ender head would pop out and if you stared at it endermen would teleport to you. you could still havest it, it would be just insane to harvest, best harvest would be in 4th stage because with stage one i think it should look like a full grown weed, then it goes to stage 1 weed and the arms pop out a bit.
    stage 3 should have no weeds and the arm is halfway up the crop.
    stage 4 should have the pearls on the tops of the hands, ready for harvest
    stage 5 should have an andermen head, the probability of getting an ender pearl is halved and any nearby endermen attack you if you stare at it

    not only no but heck no. would be seriously overpowered. Ender pearls are supposed to be rare things you have to either go hunting for or go to The End to get.

    next time try looking at the growth rate:
    by slow medium i mean a whole irl days worth of time of being within generating radius of it, and it has to grow underground on dry cropland
    OK? i made this suggestion because ender pearls are very hard to get, if there was a blaze rod/powder plant it would be to OP and i would delete the thread

    tier: VII
    looks like: endermen arms coming out of the ground
    final stage has balls (no joking about the balls) on tops of hands.
    harvesting yields: ender pearl: 0-2, 2 is about 10% 0 is 40% 1 is 50%
    breaking yields: same ender pearl count, just 1 is 55%, 2 is 15%, 0 is 30%, it also has ender seeds: 0-2, same seed chance as ferru.
    discovered by: bladerunner47
    tags: arm, black, teleport, rare
    special condition: 1.must be planted on dry soil. 2. must be planted underground. 3. there has to be a chest with ender pearls within a 3 block radius of crop
    growth rate: slow medium
    no it will not spawn endermen, that's just plain annoying

    This is cool! Do you mind if I include it in my "information about booze" thread?

    And as an addition to your list: I've found an additional second word: "Soup", caused when there is wheat & water cells but no hops. I've also noticed that when a "dark" brew spends < 5 minutes fermenting, the third word is "stuff", not "brew".

    you decide to just take it w/o getting an answer?
    i dont think MinecraftNotch likes that

    [suggestion] apple plants for agriculture

    full info of what it should be

    Tier: II******************____

    Discovered by: ********Gain:
    [Discoverer Name]**** ____

    Red,Food, *************Resis.:
    Tree ********************____

    I think it should have same skin as melon/pumpkin but have red instead of green/orange
    like it?

    P.S, sorry for all the *s, the forums wouldnt let me use spaces