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    I've just been using MK3 collectors because I'm paranoid of it going shackablooie. I'm sure MK1's can work if there's enough.
    Or just set up a bunch of cobblegens, like stated above. It is indeed cheaper, I'm just so lazy I head straight for EE to start, then get IC2 and RP2 going. I only use EE because I hate mining. If you don't use EE, you could do it legit and set up a big huge factory for making ice with IC and RP2.

    So, here's the reactor.
    Now, to get the EU out, you need to hook up a :HV-Transformer: directly. Apply a redstone signal to it and use 3x insulated HV cables to take out the 2048 EU/t.
    Useful on Feed the Beast for the Shit ton of Energy challenge.
    Also can be transformed with a non-redstoned :HV-Transformer: into :Glass Fibre: To make lots of :Matter: very quickly.
    It is VERY HIGHLY recommended you use Equivalent Exchange 2 and RedPower2 to make the ice and use a Filter and Timer to put it in the reactor.
    Basically, for the ice it's an energy condenser, 5 MK3 collectors, 4 glowstone/other light sources and 1 MK3 relay.
    Use the filter and timer to do the following: Target 64 Ice in the filter so it pulls out stacks at a time.
    Then place a timer next to it and set the timer to 1 second.
    No water needed.
    If in SMP, hide it from griefers, they can really wreck stuff with that much uranium.