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    If you're using IC2 1.95b, you may want to consider updating Rocket Science to current. But you're right, there's no ic2 folder in 0.84b. As for not being able to craft anything, what mods are you using; and can you craft the items if you remove all the other mods except for IC2? If you can, it's because Rocket Science disables itself if it comes across conflicting IDs.

    Thank you so very much! I did not even think about there being conflicting item IDs. After I fixed the IDs, the mod was running smoothly and I am now enjoying blowing up just about everything. Thank you again!


    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I recently came across this mod and was amazed by it. When I tried to download it though, it didn't go so well. In the .zip folder that was downloaded, I only had the rocketscience.jar file and no ic2 folder. I tried looking within the .jar file but the ic2 files were not there. I also tried to install the mod, but when minecraft started up I could not craft or find anything from the mod. I would really like to use this mod, so any help is appreciated.