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    my advice, use tex pack for whatever AND normal redpower textures! Its not like having normal redpower texture will kill u.

    well I am making a Robot Utopia tex pack with support for industrialcraft. I'm in the process of building a survival demo world and I want the pack to be ready by Robot Day on July 10th. I want my demo world to have a consistent, aesthetically pleasing look so it looks like I'll have no choice but to make redpower support if I want to include it.

    I've been searching around on the youtubes and the googles and I can't seem to find a redstone design tutorial for a nuclear reactor timer. Well, for vanilla minecraft redstone, that is. I've found tons of redpower tuts but I'm looking for something harder. Anyone interested in finding out how to make a reactor run for several seconds and then shutting down for several minutes automatically, probably using a latch or repeater clock? Or is there already a tutorial or diagram?