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    Someone else on the server suggested trying weed-ex on the spots where the plants are crossed but I suppose I'll hold back on that and try putting the cross-sticks in once the plants are mature and see if that helps. Also we do have a macerator so that's not a problem but I'd rather not damage stuff if I can help it. And yes, weeds are a lot easier for me to spot now though I have a single, solitary cropstick off to the side with them in it just in case I forget how they look.

    I'm having a lot better luck now--even got terra warts to spawn--though weeds continue to be a problem and often have me needing to clear the cross-sticks two or three times before something useful actually takes hold.

    I keep trying to get hops but all that seems to appear in the cross-sticks are weeds so I'm guessing just crossing wheat with wheat isn't the answer. On the upside I haven't had weeds take over the other crop-sticks since.

    I've recently joined a friend's Tekkit SMP server and decided to try out the crop crossbreeding since it seems easier to learn than the other bits of IC2 right now. So I made a hoe, built some crop sticks and got some wheat seeds my friend had in a chest. Then I made an X-shaped plot of five dirt plots, placed sticks on them and planted wheat in the outer four. Within a couple minutes the wheat were growing and the middle had something too. But then after a few hours of water and fertilizing them they hadn't finished. So, I made a cropmotron thing figuring perhaps it'd do a better job and logged out. Here it is about 13 hours after I planted the wheat and neither those four nor the middle whatever-it-is finished growing. So I'm left to wonder what I'm missing. Is it a bug in SMP where they don't finish growing to maturity?

    I have them planted on 1 high 4 tall dirt batches right now. The fourth being the blocks the crops are on. Is that a bad thing?
    Actually I looked at the guide again and it mentions crop blocks and farm blocks. Someone mind explaining these and just how many dirt blocks I need.

    I keep encountering a problem with hops where they grow a bit but then fail to fully mature even while the wheat they're planted with does so. Is there something I'm missing? They have a water block right next to them and I constantly hydrate/fertilize like every hour or so while logged onto the server. Oh and they're outside where they get natural sunlight while also having a torch nearby for nighttime.