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    Hi, I have never ever seem to of had this problem before with IC2. I just recently put some mods together and realised that it kept freezing a stuttering and I finally narrowed it down to IC2. I ran IC2 on its own with just forge and my CPU was maxing out at about 97-100% usage which is crazy. I ran all the other mods (about 50) without ic2 and my CPU was running fine at about 70%. :whistling:

    I have an Intel Core i3-2100 3.10GHz in case you were wondering with 8GB of ram and I have never had this problem before.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi, I have come across this problem most of the time I use IC2 in my survival worlds. When I'm trying to set up some basic machines etc I always come into the issue where my cables are connecting to things I don't want them to, for example:
    (Pictures in Spoilers so it doesn't fill page)

    As you can see here this is a normal setup power going in to MFE through LV tranformer then into machines, however what if I wanted to do this:

    As you can see it connects to the MFE and I have come into problems like this LOADS of times whenever its running MV voltage wire past machines that only accept LV just trying to not get wire to connect to any machines is highly annoying.
    This is a simple idea and there is no way to run wire past machines that I know of (Correct me please if I'm wrong) the only thing near is coloring wire but thats no-use to machines.

    Thanks for reading. :D